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►Reading Hunger

Date: 05.09 (WED) 19:30

Venue: Fruit Wine Dance Studio (2F, Hall M2, Huashan1914 Creative Park, No. 1, Sec. 1, Bade Rd., Taipei City)

Concept & Direction: WU Wenguang

Text, Documentaries & Performerance: ZHANG Mengqi, ZHANG Ping, LIU Xiaolei, SHAO Yuzhen, WU Wenguang, HU Tao

Duration: 70 minutes

Production: Caochangdi Workstation

※With Q&A session after the performance.



About Reading Huner

A handful of people went back to their respective villages with a video camera in search of the older generation still living there in dim, desolate houses. They went to uncover the memories hidden deep inside them. Each filmmaker had some prior relationship to the village they visit.

For the elders in the villages, this was the first time that anyone with a camera had come to ask them to open their memory chests. Here was the younger generation, leaping over their parents’ generation – the generation wiped clean of memory – to ask the elders about the past. Their meetings might be awkward and uncomfortable but were also exciting adventures.

For those who went back to the villages, they became ‘history seekers’ during their stay in the villages and readers of memories during their process of creation. Through thorough reading of these memories of hunger, we are able to experience the history and reflect on where we are now.


About The Folk Memory Project (2016 TIDF Focus Programme)

In the summer of 2010, Caochangdi Workstation, an independent art space in Beijing, launched the Folk Memory Project, which focused on the history of the ‘three-year famine’ between 1959 and 1961. Participants went back to their respective villages to interview elders, and based on their memories, the participants created documentary films and theatre performances.

Up until 2016, The Folk Memory Project has had more than 200 participants interview more than 1,400 people in 190 villages and 22 provinces. These interviews reveal individual stories concerning historical events in different time periods, including the ‘three-year famine’, Great Leap Forward, Land Reform, and Cultural Revolution. 41 documentary films and 6 dance/theatre pieces have been created. Reading Hunger is a new performance piece.





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