Interviews In Recording, Reality In Memories

2014/10/07 - 23:00

In the book, Directing the Documentary, it says, "Interviews are the core of documentary." In A Man Vanishes , we see IMAMURA Shohei...


The Best Time to Meeting OGAWA Shinsuke

2014/09/30 - 15:24

One of the most famous and difficult-to-view bodies of film in the world is the oeuvre of OGAWA Shinsuke (1936-1992). Only one of the works...


The Master of First-Person Films - Alan Berliner

2014/09/30 - 15:02

Whilst "a director without a camera" may sound a bit odd, it is the most important feature in Alan Berliner's films. With an overwhelmingly...


Truth Shall Not be Confined

2014/09/30 - 13:50

In recent years, Chinese independent documentary production has been suppressed by the Chines authorities, and as a result, it is getting...


TIDF Nomination List Announced

2014/08/15 - 16:38

Film festival season in Taiwan is kicking into full swing as Taiwan International Documentary Festival announced nominations at 2:30 pm on...

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