DOC U Volunteer Plan

DOC U Volunteer Plan


Are you interested in working for a film festival? Do you want to learn more about documentaries?

Regardless of gender or age, you are welcome to join the TIDF DOC U Seed Volunteer!

We have a comprehensive service-learning program and volunteer opportunities. We look forward to your enthusiastic involvement with the TIDF team contributing to the success of our exciting film festival!


About TIDF

The Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) was founded in 1998 and is organized by the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute. The TIDF is held every two years in Taipei. In addition to the main festival in Taipei, TIDF also travels around Taiwan the following year, showcasing selected works.

As one of the most significant, largest, and longest-standing international documentary film festivals in Asia, TIDF has chosen "Re-encounter Reality," as its leitmotif, emphasizing freedom, creativity, interdisciplinary collaboration, encouraging contemplation and aesthetical experimentation. The festival also continuously explores and redefines documentaries, paying attention to the development of documentaries in Asia and the Chinese-speaking region.

The festival includes Competition Sections which invite global submissions and have professionals as jurors, and several Program Sections curated by the festival's team. Each edition of the festival screens around 130 films from around the world, accompanied by various activities such as master classes, forum lectures, live performances, and exhibitions.

In addition to organizing the festival, the team is dedicated to developing domestic talent through events like DOC DOC and DOC+ documentary workshops, fostering a platform for in-depth exchange and mutual assistance among documentary creators. Through the Taiwan Docs overseas promotion platform, the team promotes Taiwanese documentaries globally, seeking opportunities for overseas screenings and exposure.

The 14th TIDF is scheduled to take place from May 10 to May 19, 2024.


About DOC U Seed Volunteer (Ongoing Recruitment)

The DOC U Seed Volunteer Program is a regular and long-term training activity. Volunteers are not limited to assisting with festival events but are also encouraged to engage with campuses and communities as documentary advocates. After registration and screening, your information will enter the "Volunteer Database." When there is a need for volunteer services, recruitment notifications will be sent, allowing you to sign up based on your expertise and availability.

The DOC U Seed Volunteer Program does not emphasize the frequency of participation. Volunteers can assist when they have time and when suitable tasks are available. To gather a team of volunteers who are dedicated to TIDF in the long term, regular volunteer activities are planned, such as the "DOC U Seed Volunteer Service-Learning Program" and "Let's Talk About Documentaries!" These activities aim to deepen volunteers' understanding of documentaries and TIDF, cultivating long-term partnerships with volunteers for the festival.

You can join the Seed Volunteer Program at any time throughout the year. After basic screening, you will become a "TIDF DOC U Seed Volunteer." As a Seed Volunteer, you can sign up for various tasks and activities.


About the 14th TIDF Volunteer Team

During the main TIDF festival period (including the festival and promotional period), "TIDF DOC U Seed Volunteers" can sign up for different volunteer teams to assist in the preparation and execution of the festival. The 14th TIDF will take place from May 10 to May 19, 2024, featuring four teams:

► Promotion and Editorial Team
Working Period: February to the end of May 2024, flexible schedule
Skills Required: Interviewing, writing, editing, and graphic photography; if you have one of these abilities and have experience or interest in interviewing and writing about filmmakers
Extra Skills: English translation or writing ability, experience in editing for print publications
Job Content: Participate in training courses, TIDF filmmaker interviews and writing, film festival reporting, and support promotional activities
Number of Positions: 30-35

► QA Special Envoys
Working Period: May 10th to 19th, 2024, flexible schedule
Skills Required: Quick on-the-spot response, skilled in textual recording or graphic photography
Job Content: Participate in training courses, record and take photos at the film festival venue, and other related tasks
Number of Positions: 15-20

► Reception and Hospitality Team
Working Period: May 8th to 20th, 2024, flexible schedule
Skills Required: Familiar with the cultural, historical, and geographical aspects of Taipei, proficiency in English conversation; candidates with proficiency in other languages will be given priority
Job Content: Participate in work meetings, handle reception preparations, filmmaker airport transfers, and on-site reception
Number of Positions: 15-20

Translation Team
Working Period: May 10th to 19th, 2024, flexible schedule
Skills Required: Chinese-English/English-Chinese interpreting ability
Job Content: Participate in training courses and discussions on Taiwanese and Chinese-language films; summary interpreting (consecutive) for individual foreign-language audiences
Number of Positions: 30-35


【How to Apply】
After confirming that you have joined the TIDF DOC U Seed Volunteer on the TIDF official website, please click on this link to fill out the application form. Once submitted, your registration is complete.

【Application Period】
From now until February 4th, 2024, 22:00. You can apply for up to two teams simultaneously. In addition to scheduled work, volunteers must attend training courses and team meetings for each team.

【Volunteer Benefits】
・Free participation in various activities of the DOC U Seed Volunteer Service-Learning Program
・Invitation to attend TIDF film festival screenings and special preview events
・Receive TIDF film festival tickets and memorabilia based on volunteer service hours
・Upon completing 40 hours of service, receive a volunteer certificate and exchange it for a one-year basic membership in the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute.
・QA Special Envoys and Translation Team members can watch films for free according to their schedules


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