Entry Guidelines

Entry Guidelines

TIDF is a biennial. The 2020 edition (12th) was due to take place in May and has been postponed to May 2021 due to the pandemic. There will be no new programme added to the postponed edition (in 2021). The edition after that will be in May 2022 (13th TIDF) with the open call starting in August 2021. Films made between December 2019 and December 2021 will be eligible for the competition in the 2022 edition.


The 12th Taiwan International Documentary Festival 

Entry Guidelines

The Organizer

Taiwan International Documentary Festival, TIDF, is one of the major professional platforms for documentaries in Asia. We are looking for documentaries that are creative, relevant to social and human interests, and have unique points of view. We encourage innovative filmmakers and documentaries with experimental spirit.


Festival Dates

The 12th TIDF will take place on May 1-10, 2020.


Entry Deadline

December 5, 2019. The online entry system will shutdown automatically at 18:00 (GMT+8).



1.  Filmmakers are encouraged to submit documentaries completed after December 1, 2017. TIDF encourages submissions from independent filmmakers with documentaries presented in traditional, as well as non-traditional media. Films that are considered documentaries by the productions or filmmakers are welcome. 

2.  A Taiwan Premiere is required, except for Taiwanese productions.


Entry Guidelines

1.  No entry fee required.

2.  Entrant must complete online entry. One entry is required for each film. TIDF accepts downloadable online screener or two copies of DVD.

3.  For entrant with online screener, please make sure the link remains accessible until the shortlist is announced. DO NOT change the URL or password after submitting.

4.  If you wish to provide DVD screener, please send two copies of DVD marked with English film title, running time and entry number (provided after completing online submission.) DO NOT mark your DVD with labels or stickers as it may cause DVD player malfunction. Your submission will ONLY be taken into consideration and an confirmation email will be sent when TIDF receives both your online entry form and the screener. 

5.  English subtitles are required, except for Chinese Mandarin or English spoken films.

6.  All submitted screeners will be considered as part of TIDF’s archive for internal, research, or academic purposes. The films will not be shown publically without further authorisation.

7.  TIDF does NOT cover postal/shipping expenses for submission. All submitted materials will NOT be returned.

8.  Entrant MUST have the sole and exclusive ownership of all rights related to the submitted production and have the full authority to submit the production to TIDF. TIDF bears no responsibility for any damage or costs due to any illegal acts or violation of copyright.

9.  Entrant must assure information provided in the submission is accurate to the best of their knowledge.

10.  By submitting to the competition, the entrant agrees with all TIDF Entry Guidelines.

11.  Violation to the TIDF entry guidelines may result in disqualification from competition.

12.  TIDF reserves the rights to modify or substitute any of the rules and regulations in TIDF Entry Guidelines when necessary.


Competitions and Awards

1.  Asian Vision Competition
TIDF encourages submissions of Asian themed documentaries, documentaries with unique viewpoints that are produced by at least one Asian nation, or documentaries made by Asian filmmakers. All forms and lengths welcome.

(Definition of Asia. Liberal recognition will be applied to transcontinental countries.)

1)  Grand Prize: one winning title with a cash-prize of NT$400,000 (approximately US$13,500) and a TIDF award.

2)  Merit Prize: one winning title with a cash-prize of NT$180,000 (approximately US$6,000) and a TIDF award.

3)  Special Jury Prize: one winning title with a cash-prize of NT$45,000 (approximately US$1,500) and a TIDF award.


2.  International Competition
Eligible for documentaries from worldwide. All forms and lengths welcome.

1)  Grand Prize: one winning title with a cash-prize of NT$400,000 (approximately US$13,500) and a TIDF award.

2)  Merit Prize: one winning title with a cash-prize of NT$180,000 (approximately US$6,000) and a TIDF award.


●  One title can only enter one of the above categories.


3.  Taiwan Competition
Documentary made by Taiwan director(s) or director(s) holding a Taiwan Resident Certificate, is eligible for Taiwan Competition. All forms and lengths welcome.

1)  Grand Prize: one winning title with a cash-prize of NT$300,000 (approximately US$10,000) and a TIDF award.

2)  Merit Prize: one winning title with a cash-prize of NT$150,000 (approximately US$5,000) and a TIDF award.


4.  Special Awards

1)  Chinese Documentary Award

This award is established to support Chinese documentaries. All Chinese spoken, Chinese themed films, or documentaries made in Chinese speaking region in the entire festival programme are eligible for this competition. The shortlist will be decided by the preliminary selection committee and TIDF.

i.  Grand Prize: one winning title with a cash-prize of NT$300,000 (approximately US$10,000) and a TIDF award.

ii.  Special Jury Prize: one winning title with a cash-prize of NT$150,000 (approximately US$5,000) and a TIDF award.


2)  Next Generation Award

A jury of young generation people will choose the winning title from the shortlist. The film will be granted a cash-prize of NT$45,000 (approximately US$1,500) and a TIDF certificate.


3)  Audience Award

The festival audience can also express their appreciation of the documentaries by voting in the Audience Award. The film rated highest will receive a TIDF certificate.


Selection Procedure

1.  Preliminary Selection
A preliminary selection committee consisting of professionals selects documentaries for the final competition. Films submitted to competition may be selected to non-competition programmes. Final shortlist will be announced in February, 2020.


2.  Final Selection
Juries of international professionals will decide the winning titles for Asian Vision Competition, International Competition, Taiwan Competition, and Special Awards. All decisions made by the juries are final. The winning titles will be announced at the award ceremony. 


Authorizations and Obligations

1.  TIDF grants certificates to documentaries selected for Asian Vision Competition, International Competition and Taiwan Competition, and provides necessary accommodation and travel allowance for one director OR one producer of each selected film. TIDF will inform the directors of the details after selection. Screening fees for selected films are waived automatically.

2.  Selected films are obliged to participate in TIDF. Under no circumstances will the film retire from the festival programme.

3.  TIDF covers the return shipping cost from Taiwan to one designated destination.

4.  Selected films are required to authorize TIDF to produce and keep Chinese subtitled or English subtitled screening copies for TIDF. TIDF will not publicly screen the films without further authorisation.

5.  Selected films are required to authorize TIDF no more than three screenings during the festival and to use film materials for festival publicity purpose. 

6.  Award winning films are required to authorize TIDF one extra screening during the festival and ten promotional screenings without further charge within two years after the 12th TIDF.

7.  Award winning films will be included in the audiovisual library in Taiwan Film Institute for member's use within the premises. 

8.  For Taiwan nationals, a 10% tax will be deducted from the cash-prize; for foreign nationals, a 20% tax will be deducted from the cash-prize. The final transaction amount may differ depending on the exchange rate.


Required Materials for Selected Films

1.  Screening materials must arrive at TIDF office before March 6, 2020. English subtitle is required for non-English spoken films. TIDF accepts DCP, Blu-Ray, HD files.

2.  A trailer from the documentary for TIDF website. Preferably .MOV file (1920x1080, h.264). English subtitle is required for non-English spoken films.

3.  Film stills: please send at least three high resolution files, with minimum 300dpi or above 1MB per file.

4.  Dialogue list in original language and/or English.

5.  Additional electronic or printed publicity material is also welcome.


Address and Contact Information

DVDs and documentation should be addressed to:

Programming Team (Competition)
Taiwan International Documentary Festival

2F-7, #7, Qing-dao East Road,
Taipei 10051, TAIWAN
T: +886 (0)2 2395-6556
F: +886 (0)2 2395-6336
E: tidf.entry@mail.tfi.org.tw
W: www.tidf.org.tw




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