Ticket Info

Ticket Info

*****All TIDF screenings are free seating.*****

TIDF Ticket Package


Ticket Package sales begin at 13:00 on Wed. 10 APR through 13:00 on Sun. 19 MAY on OPENTIX  (Online Only). Available to redeem from 13:00 on Wed. 10 APR.

Individual Tickets

  • General: NTD 120 PER ADMISSION

Individual ticket sales begin at 13.00 on Wed. 17 APR on OPENTIX and at all the venues.

Group Tickets

Purchase 10 or more tickets for a single session to get a 50% discount on the general ticket price (limited to sessions before 17:59 from Mon. to Fri.)

Group Tickets sales begin at 13:00 on Wed. 17 APR through 13:00 on Fri. 17 MAY on OPENTIX  (Online Only)


  • The information desks open 30 minutes before the first screening of the day and close 30 minutes after the last screening starts at each venue.
  • Admissions are permitted only with valid tickets. Tickets will NOT be reissued if they are lost or damaged.
  • Please follow the food and beverage rules of each venue while attending.
  • Wheelchair seats users must bring their own wheelchair. Wheelchair accompanying seats can only be purchased together with wheelchair seats. Please contact the TIDF office if needed.
  • Children under age 2, accompanied by one ticket holder, do not require tickets. Please present valid identification during admission and do not occupy additional seats.
  • In order to maintain safety in the auditorium and keep the emergency pathways clear, please do not linger, stand, or sit on the paths or anywhere other than the seats.
  •  In the event of natural disasters or force majeure events, the Festival may cancel the screenings based on the instructions given by the government. Updates will be posted on TIDF’s official website.
  • The Festival reserves all rights to change the programme schedule due to unexpected occurrences. All the latest updates will be announced at the venues and on TIDF’s official website: www.tidf.org.tw.
  • Film lengths listed on the schedule are according to the most complete information before printing. If there is any change, please refer to the announcement on the website and venues.
  •  For film rating information, please refer to the website and venues. Audiences who cannot enter the screenings due to changes in ratings can request full ticket refunds at venues.
  • All the copyrights belong to the copyright holders. Any recording of images or sound is against the law and could be persecuted. The Festival reserves the right to delete these audio/visual files.
  • All the measures taken by the Festival staff are meant to ensure the smooth running of the Festival and maintain the best viewing quality. The Festival will not tolerate any offensive behaviour towards the staff and appropriate measures will be taken according to the situation.

Change and Refund

  • Tickets must be refunded 1 day prior to the screening date and will be non-refundable after that. For example, a ticket for a screening on 10 MAY must be refunded by 9 MAY.
  • For ticket packages, electronic tickets and tickets that have not been printed out, please apply for refunds on the website or go to an OPENTIX service centre with a valid ID and the order number at least 1 day prior to the screening day. Refunds can also be applied by email or fax. Ticket Package is only refundable online before Sunday 19 May, and the Package must be unredeemed as a whole in order to be refunded. For paper tickets, before the festival starts, please go to an OPENTIX service centre. Refund services are available at the venues from 10 May to 18 May.
  • A handling fee of 10% per ticket will be charged.
  • Refunds for the tickets paid by credit cards will be credited to the accounts. If the tickets are not purchased on OPENTIX, please get the refunds from the original buyers.
  • If a voucher is used for the refunded ticket, after the refund is completed, the system will automatically resend a usable voucher to the original account (the voucher will maintain the original usage rules and will not extend the validity period).
  • Change of tickets will be processed as ‘refund’. Please book tickets carefully and if any change of tickets is needed, please see the above for the process.

TIDF Ticketing Service:02-8522-8000#7313 (10:00-18:00 on Monday to Friday)
Opentix Customer Service:02-3393-9888 (09:00-20:00 on Monday to Friday)