City of Jade

City of Jade

City of Jade

趙德胤Midi Z
  • Myanmar
  • Taiwan
  • DCP


Time seems to have frozen in the war-torn Kachin State of Myanmar, while waves of poor workers flock to the area to dig for jade, dreaming of getting rich overnight. The director tries to portray his eldest brother in this documentary and find out why he became a drug addict and abandoned his family. It is a film that depicts how people struggle for survival in the darkest corners of Myanmar.

Festivals & Awards

2016 Best Documentary Award Nominee, Golden Horse Awards
2017 Special Mention of New Asian Currents, Yamagata IDFF


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華山A2廳 2018/05/04 - 14:20 to 16:00 請先登入註冊
華山A2廳 2018/05/09 - 12:40 to 14:20 請先登入註冊
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