Lone Existance

Lone Existance

Lone Existance

沙青SHA Qing
  • China
  • DCP


For years he has stayed behind closed doors, uttering nothing to anyone. In that long quietude, memories pay unexpected visits. Unfamiliar faces come before his eyes along with images from the past. The common shapes of others intertwine and reflect what he has been reluctant to face. This is an attempt by the filmmaker to reappraise his relationship to the world through external observation and self-reflection.

Festivals & Awards

2016 Beijing Independent FF
2017 Awards of Excellence of Internationl Competition, Yamagata IDFF


場次地點 場次時間 場次備註 加入我的影展行事曆
新光一廳 2018/05/08 - 18:30 to 19:50 QA場 請先登入註冊
新光一廳 2018/05/10 - 10:10 to 11:30 QA場 請先登入註冊
華山A1廳 2018/05/13 - 12:00 to 13:20 得獎加映 請先登入註冊
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