Blood Amber

Blood Amber

Blood Amber

李永超LEE Yong-chao
  • Taiwan
  • DCP


Somewhere in northern Myanmar, there is a forest rich in amber and controlled by the Kachin Independence Army. Most of the inhabitants there make a living by finding amber as it is their only hope to get out of poverty. They work under harsh conditions and rest while fearing the attack from the government army. Life there is despairing, like the darkness at the bottom of the mine.

Festivals & Awards

2017 Locarno FF
2017 Busan IFF


場次地點 場次時間 場次備註 加入我的影展行事曆
華山A1廳 2018/05/06 - 15:20 to 17:00 QA場 請先登入註冊
華山A1廳 2018/05/08 - 12:50 to 14:30 QA場 請先登入註冊
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