Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock

蕭瀟XIAO Xiao
  • China
  • DCP
Asian Premiere G


In a mountain village, 80-year-old grandma still labours hard for the family and prays everyday; her son does odd jobs in the woods and her grandson raises chickens. The piling mountains tightly bind them together and enfetter their fates, just as the giant ‘Turtle Rock’ at the gate of the village – it’s said that a turtle endeavoured to cultivate itself into the heavenly realm, but was struck by thunder and turned into a rock.

Festivals & Awards

2017 IDFA


場次地點 場次時間 場次備註 加入我的影展行事曆
新光一廳 2018/05/05 - 18:20 to 20:05 QA場 請先登入註冊
新光二廳 2018/05/07 - 10:20 to 12:05 QA場 請先登入註冊
新北市府中15 2018/05/11 - 16:30 to 18:15 QA場 請先登入註冊
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