Director in Focus: Hubert SAUPER

Director in Focus: Hubert SAUPER

Hubert SAUPER (1966-) was born in Austria. He has lived in Britain, Italy, the U.S., Tanzania and DR Congo and settled in Paris, France in the mid-1990s. SAUPER was often invited to attend forums around the world and to teach master classes at various universities and film festivals. He is also a winner of more than fifty international awards.

His films tackle serious topics such as family, colonisation, globalisation and politics, but are unique in their poetic lyricism. Often using small video cameras, SAUPER wanders back and forth into the lands beyond our reach, conducting spontaneous interviews and documenting what he sees and hears from a close distance and a bird’s-eye view, putting together a panoramic picture with a strong auteur vision. Among his works, the African trilogy, which he spent over twenty years making, reveals the troubles of the ‘Dark Continent’ and has been regarded a masterpiece that delves deep into its contemporary plight.

‘I understand much more about myself being European since I've been travelling a lot in Africa. Both continents have such a tight co-relationship, thousands of years of pathological dialectic, which is basically what I'm trying to describe. I'd like to describe worlds which are on the friction lines where worlds collide. [...] The essence of this kind of filmmaking is not only to document but also to explore what you feel as much as you can. Often, this contains more truth than what is the obvious truth.’ -Hubert SAUPER


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