Liberating documentaries on the path to freedom


This year TIDF celebrates its 20th anniversary since its founding in 1998. As we look back upon the past of TIDF, we note that it has not always been smooth sailing, especially since complex external factors such as legal regulations and political influence resulted in changing venues, irregular frequencies, and shifting regular personnel, causing trouble both in accumulating data and transmission of organisational experience. Since the establishment of a permanent office under the Taiwan Film Institute in 2013, this year marks the third consecutive festival in which TIDF has been run by the same institution and team. With the festival now seeing steady development, we now have the time and space to forge a truly comprehensive platform for documentaries.


In accordance with our core mission to ‘re-encounter reality’, this year our team has planned out a schedule featuring a wide range of different works, in an effort to extend the boundaries of the spectrum for documentaries. In addition, this year’s festival also features more interdisciplinary events, including exhibitions of sound and video art, live cinema, and documentary theatre. We hope to produce dialogues and convergences in between the different elements of the festival and give rise to new and as yet unknown opportunities.


The art of the documentary should be one that is free, boundless and limitless. Our 20th anniversary celebrates both the effort of the team behind the festival and the collective participation and support of all of our friends. We welcome you in opening your senses and embracing freedom in TIDF!

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