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Taichung (15 FEB - 3 MAR)
Venue: Taichung City Dadun Cultural Center (No. 600, Yingcai Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan)
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Taoyuan (1-31 MAR)
In partnership with Taoyuan Arts Cinema
Venue: Taoyuan Arts Cinema (No. 31, Ln. 116, Longqing St., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan)
ProgramScreening Schedule

Hisnchu (12 MAR- 2 APR)
In partnership with Arts Center NTHU、Or Book Store
Venue: Zy Xel Auditorium, NTHU (No. 101, Kuangfu Rd. Sec 2 Hsinchu, Taiwan 30013)、Or Book Store (No. 123, Sec. 1, Wenxing Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan)
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Chunghua (16-31 MAR)
Venue: Auditorium, Changhua County Library(No. 500, Zhongshan Road Section 2, Changhua City, Changhua County 500)
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San Francisco, USA (29 MAR)
In partnership with San Francisco Cinematheque
Venue: San Francisco Cinematheque (55 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94102 USA)
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Hong Kong (8-13 APR)
In partnership with Hong Kong Baptist Uninversity
Venue: CVA104 Communication and Visual Arts Building, HKBU (HKBU Hereford Road, Kowloon Tong, JK)
ProgramScreening Schedule

New Taipei City (23-27 APR)
In partnership with Fuzhong 15
Venue: Fuzhong 15 - New Taipei City Documentary Cinema (No. 15, Fuzhong Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220, Taiwan)
ProgramScreening Schedule

Pingtung (20-28 MAR) 
Venue: Ping-tung Cinema (No. 248, Minsheng Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, Taiwan)
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Kaohsiung (2-26 MAY)
In partnership with Kaohsiung Film Archive
Venue: Kaohsiung Film Archive (No. 10, Hexi Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan)
ProgramScreening Schedule

Tainan (4 MAY-1 JUN)
In partnership with National Museum of Taiwan Literature
Venue: National Museum of Taiwan Literature (No. 1, Zhongzheng Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan)
ProgramScreening Schedule

Penghu (5, 25 MAY)
In partnership with Art Studio
Venue: Art Studio (No. 16, Chongqing St., Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan)
ProgramScreening Schedule

Hualian (11-19 MAY)
Venue: View Show Cinemas Hualien Paradiso (No.93, Xinsheng Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan)
ProgramScreening ScheduleDOC TalkDOC X Live CinemaDOC CAFÉBook Exhibition at Independent Bookstores

Taitung (31 MAY -2 JUN)
Venue: SHOWTIME CINEMAS Taitung (No. 248, Minsheng Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, Taiwan)
ProgramScreening ScheduleDOC TalkDOC X Live CinemaDOC CAFÉDOC X Outdoor ScreeningBook Exhibition at Independent Bookstores



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