Jury of TIDF 2021

Jury of Asian Vision Competition


Jesse CUMMING is a curator, writer, and researcher based in Toronto. He has served as a Consultant with the Berlinale Forum and Open City Documentary Festival, and as a Programming Associate with the Wavelengths section of the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2016 he developed Vertical Features, a Toronto screening series dedicated to non-fiction film and video. Additionally, he has curated, co-curated, and presented programs with the MoMA, Collectif Jeune Cinéma, Anthology Film Archives, and more. His writing has appeared in Cinema Scope, MUBI Notebook, and more. He was a founding collective member of MICE Magazine, a publication dedicated to Moving Image Culture, Etc., and formerly served on the steering committee of the Toronto Film & Media Seminar.

TAN Pin-pin

TAN Pin-pin is a Singapore filmmaker who questions gaps in history, memory, and processes of documentation. Her films are self-reflective and they address the complexities of the filmic medium. Her films include Singapore GaGa , To Singapore with Love, or more recently In Time To Come. They have been shown on numerous international film festivals around the world and have won multiple awards. She had retrospectives at RIDM Montreal, DOK Leipzig. She is a co-founding member of filmcommunitysg, a community of independent filmmakers and was a board member of the Singapore International Film Festival, the National Archives of Singapore and The Substation. In 2018, she was admitted to the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, USA.

CHUNG She-fong

CHUNG She-fong is a producer and curator who regularly organizes a number of music and film festivals in Taiwan. In 1993, she founded Trees Music and Art, an independent folk and grassroots music record label. In 2001, she started the Migration Music Festival, a major platform in Taiwan for folk and global music that embraces artistic experimentation and social activism. She has also initiated the annual documentary film event New Narratives Film Festival and ‘One Film, One Journey’, a campus film forum on Southeast Asian independent films. Her current efforts include international projects that connect Southeast Asian musicians, artists, filmmakers and academics. CHUNG gained acclaim for her first documentary, From Border to Border, which traces the history of Chinese immigrants in India. The film won the first prize at the 2014 Taiwan International Women Make Waves Film Festival. CHUNG currently teaches at the College of Communication in National Chengchi University.

Jury of International Competition

Martijn te Pas

Martijn te Pas was the head of the programme department and a senior programmer at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) from 2000 to 2019. He also served as an advisor for the IDFA Bertha Fund, read projects for the IDFA Forum and has travelled to many film festivals as a guest or jury member. After moving from Amsterdam to Stockholm in 2019, he became a Guest Documentary Programmer at Nordisk Panorama selecting films for the Best Nordic Documentary Competition and New Nordic Voice Competition. He started eUROPE doconsultancy , a service aimed at directors and producers, offering tailor made SWOT analysis of films at both of the development and editing stages, as well as the expert advice and guidance on curation, festival and distribution strategies.

NGUYEN Trinh Thi

NGUYEN Trinh Thi is a Hanoi-based independent filmmaker and video/media artist. Her diverse practice has consistently investigated the role of memory in the necessary unveiling of hidden, displaced or misinterpreted histories; and examined the position of artists in the Vietnamese society. She studied journalism, photography, international relations and ethnographic film in the United States. Her films and video art works have been shown at festivals and art exhibitions. NGUYEN is the founder and director of Hanoi DOCLAB, an independent centre for documentary film and the moving image art in Hanoi since 2009.

LEI Chen-ching

LEI Cheng-ching is a veteran editor who started off her apprenticeship at Central Motion Picture Corporation and has accumulated over three decades of experience in the film industry ever since. Having edited numerous narrative and documentary films, including Tropical Fish, Orz Boyz!, Stray Dogs, Small Talk. She won the Golden Horse Awards for Best Film Editing with Dear Ex in 2018 and was also a two-time Golden Bell Awards winner for her mini-series. She has been the editor for several conceptual short films of TSAI Ming-liang’s ‘Walker' series after its launch in 2012. Currently, she teaches at the Department of Filmmaking in National Taipei University of the Arts and the College of Communication at National Chengchi University. She has been participating in the structure consultation and editing guidance for a number of documentaries, and is often invited to serve as film award juries.

Jury of Taiwan Competition


Dimitris KERKINOS studied Film Studies at the University of Manitoba, Canada, and did his PhD dissertation on ‘Society and Cinema in Cuba of the 90s’ for the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of the Aegean, Greece. He joined the Thessaloniki  International Film Festival in 1999 and has later curated for the Balkan Survey Section since 2002. He was also the Head of Tributes for both the fiction and the documentary festivals organised annually by Thessaloniki IFF. He has published essays on cinema and anthropology and has been the editor of many documentary and fiction film monographs. He lectured Visual Anthropology and Ethnographic Documentary at the Panteion University in Athens.


John TOREES is independent filmmaker, musician and writer. He co-runs Los Otros, a Manila-based space, film lab, and platform committed to the intersections of film and art, with a focus on process over product. He directed and produced five feature films, and made more than a dozen short films, including We Still Have to Close Our Eyes. His work fictionalises and reworks personal and found documentations of love, family relations, and memory in relation to current events, hearsays, myth, and folklore. He produced Shireen SENO's Nervous Translation, a project that was developed through Venice's Biennale College Cinema, Bangkok Produire au Sud, IFP, and Cinemart. A special programme of his works (In Focus) was shown at the Viennale in 2013.


Amy CHENG is a curator, writer and co-founder of TheCube Project Space, an independent art space devoted to the research, production and presentation of contemporary art, especially sound culture in Taipei. CHENG explores the possibility of ‘expanding curating’. She has carried several research projects in various forms of praxis through co-curating, organising lecture series, performance and even extending to the publication, online database and internet radio.The exhibitions she curated include ALTERing NATIVism—Sound Cultures in Post-War Taiwan (2014),  and The Trilogy of Future Memories—Talking drums Radio, Sound Meridians and Liquid Love (2019–2021). She was invited as a jury member of the International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia in 2017.

Jury of Chinese Documentary Award


Rasha SALTI is a researcher, writer and curator of art and film, working and living between Beirut and Berlin. She often co-curated film programs and exhibitions for worldwide institutions, such as Mapping Subjectivity: Experimentation in Arab Cinema from the 1960s until Now which showcased at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and a recent installation Interspecies Cinematic Encounter, 2020 shown in Taipei Biennial 2020. She also collaborated with different festivals as a programmer, including the Toronto International Film Festival. Furthermore, she has co-edited several books by far and her articles and essays have been published in various platforms and media, as well as several anthologies dedicated to film, art and culture. Currently, she is the commissioning editor for La Lucarne, the experimental documentary program for Arte France.

MAKINO Takashi

MAKINO Takashi is a Tokyo-based experimental filmmaker, widely regarded as one of the most influential Japanese moving image artists of his generation. After graduating from the Cinema Department at Nihon University College of Art, he honed his skills at the London-based studio of the QUAY Brothers before moving back to Japan. His working method usually involves capturing footage of people, the natural world, and urban life in various formats, and radically transforming these images at the editing stage. Through a process of layering, superimposition, and other formal manipulations, these concrete images blend together into pulsating, mesmerising visual fields of organic abstraction. He regularly presents installations, screenings, and audio-visual performances of his work internationally, having appeared in over 120 cities to date. In 2012, he won the Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam for his short Generator.

CHUNG Yung-feng

CHUNG Yung-feng is a renowned poet, lyricist, record producer and cultural professional. Born in a typical tobacco farmer’s family from Meinong, a famous Hakka district in Kaohsiung, he has been engaging in social and cultural research in Hakka rural areas in the 1990s, and organising communities to carry out cultural preservation, environmental protection and cultural and historical survey projects. He has had an extensive portfolio in the public sector since 2000, and is currently the secretary general at the Taipei National University of the Arts. CHUNG works closely with the independent folk musician LIN Sheng-xiang and their collaborated records won him the Best Album Producer and a two-time winner of Best Lyricist at Golden Melody Awards.

Jury of Next Generation Award

WANG Wei-chen, HO Yu, LI Tsai-ni, LI Yu-erh, TU Hsin-yu, LIN Ting-han, LIN Tzu-yan, HOU Mi-to, MA I-chen, CHANG Zhu-yi, CHANG Hsien-hung, CHANG Ching, Robyn HSU, HSU Chia-tien, CHEN Wan-i, CHEN Xin-en, TSENG Wei-ting, YU Chia-ying, HUANG Hao-hsuan, HUANG Wen-ting, YANG Sung-chun, LIAO Yuan-ni, LIU Chen-wei, CHENG Yu-fang, XIAO Ya-chen, HSIEH Jui-chun, SU Wei-min