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KINO-EAR: Audio Document / Audio Documentary

Recordists are people who observe the world with audition rather than vision. Through microphones and headphones, they interpret their sonic environment: the sound recording tools sometimes act as a filter, sometimes as an enhancer, revealing details and/or creating a distance. The recorder allows to keep traces of acoustic events, in a non-neutral way since it recall to us the sounds that have been modified by the position in space and time, the gestures and the equipment of the recordists.

Through a refined process of selection, recordists sometimes propose to share their listening experiences, creating ‘Audio Documents’ that would trigger a new perceptual experience for the audience. Occasionally, they would work with those sounds by slicing the sonic matter, assembling fragments of sounds – editing (montage) and mixing. The result is a construction of a discourse, of a narration, combining sounds into a cinema for the ear, ‘Audio Documentaries’.

This exhibition offers an array of sound works based on field recording (sound recordings made outside of the studio), at the cross-roads of journalism, ethnography, ecology and sound art. This unparalleled practice offers a reflexion on our listening abilities, an occasion to examine the relations between audio technology and our collective memory of the sounds, and last but not least provides a delightful experience to your ears.


Date: 05.11 (FRI) - 07.08 (SUN) 14:00-20:00 (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

         05.12 (SAT) 15:00 Opening

Venue: TheCube Project Space (2F., No. 13, Aly. 1, Ln. 136, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei City)

Curator: Yannick DAUBY

Co-organiser: The Cube



►Listening Lab

Date: 05.11 (FRI) 19:30

Venue: Offline Cafe (No.1, Sec.1, Bade Rd., Taipei City)

Guide: Yannick DAUBY, curator of KINO-EAR: Audio Document / Audio Documentary






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