What One Films Is the Reflection of Oneself

2014/10/08 - 01:16
作者: TIDF

From this year onwards, the TIDF will curate a retrospective strand called "Taiwan Spectrum" every year. In each edition, we choose a...

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Independent Spirit in China

2014/10/08 - 00:39
作者: KUO Li-hsin (Photography and documentary film critic)

Chinese independent documentary filmmaking began around 1990. The pioneers such as WU Wenguang, DUAN Jinchuan and JIANG Yue deliberately...

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OGAWA Shinsuke's Labortory For Movement Cinema

2014/10/08 - 00:25
作者: Markus NORNES

One of the most famous and difficult-to-view bodies of film in the world is the oeuvre of OGAWA Shinsuke (1936-1992). Only one of the works...

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Imagination Is Welcome In Reality, Life Is Open To Be Explored

2014/10/07 - 23:36
作者: Wood LIN

If you have seen Wide Awake , this film about the filmmaker's insomnia must have left a very deep mpression on your mind. In this film,...

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Interviews In Recording, Reality In Memories

2014/10/07 - 23:00
作者: Fan Wu

In the book, Directing the Documentary, it says, "Interviews are the core of documentary." In A Man Vanishes , we see IMAMURA Shohei...

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The Heart Breaking Story of Samsung Semiconductor Workers

2014/10/01 - 14:42
作者: Kim Min-kyung | The Hankyoreh

For Park Min-sook, 41, the seven years she spent working at the Samsung Electronics semiconductor plant in Giheung were an exciting time...

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A Feast for Movie Fans

2014/09/30 - 23:20

The 9th Taiwan International Documentary Festival – An Exchange Platform for International Best-of-Genre Creations Hosted by Taiwan Film...

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Report | Wang Wenzhi - The Bihu Weaving House

2014/09/30 - 23:12
作者: Discover Taipei

Bihu Park (碧湖公園), in Neihu District, is surrounded by green hills, and at its center, Bihu attracts significant numbers of egrets, geese,...

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Review | The Lost Sea

2014/09/30 - 19:34
作者: Ho Yi | Taipei Times

The horseshoe crab, a marine species that has lived on earth for more than 200 million years , made its first documented appearance in...

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