TIDF x DAFilms Extended Online Theatre: Negotiating Realities in Post-national Philippine Documentaries

Collaborating with the leading platform dafilms.com, we're presenting several programmes from TIDF2022 which just ended earlier in mid-May for the global audience in the coming season. The first serving up is this year's Focus Program, a comprehensive retrospective of Philippine cinema 'Necessary Fictions: Negotiating Realities in Post-national Philippine Documentaries' co-curated by Merv ESPINA (an artist and researcher based in Quezon City, Metro Manila).

Given the complex history of the Philippines, when Philippine documentaries rooted in realism are bridged with the idea of 'necessary fiction' , all kinds of nuanced meanings emerge. The gesture of a 'necessary fiction' becomes something vital, an urgent necessity in the face of cruel, everyday reality. 

The extensive programme spans 40 years of Philippine cinematic history, featuring 46 films, organized in 11 sub-themes and 32 directors. We handpicked 14 films from the programme and 3 other titles (exclusively!) for this extended online theatre. The selection of works emphasize the filmmakers' distinctive personal touches in a multifarious range of forms and themes. They present multiple aspects of a nation that in its very essence rejects over-simplification. Through exploration in history, geography, culture, folklore, religion, and race spanning time and space, an uproar named 'the Philippines' bursts out of these collective bodies of work.

Learn more via TIDF Focus Programme Timeline , TIDF Express publication, dedicated catalog and 2 playbacks of Online Panel (Collective Action, Individual Decisions l Questioning of Realities) during the festival.


FREE streaming from August 22nd to September 9th
Two week duration limited & accessible worldwide
The duration of this program is based on the Central European Time (UTC+2).
Non-English Speaking films are with English subtitles. ​

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* In addition to the free streaming, join us for a live conversation with co-curator Merv ESPINA on August 24th (WED) at 13:00 (CET) / 19:00 (Taiwan Time). The talk will be moderated by TIDF team and streamed live to Facebook and DAFilms Live. Stay tuned!


Full Lineup:

#Video Activism
Beyond the Walls of Prison by AsiaVisions , a Filipino activist media organization
The Great Smoke by Monlee, Roxlee
ABCD by Roxlee
Juan Gapang (Johnny Crawl)SPIT/OPTIK (World Premiere, Newly Scanned Version!)Mix One and Two by Roxlee, Yeye CALDERON, At MACULANGAN

 #Colonial Narratives
Bontoc Eulogy by Marlon FUENTES
To Pick a Flower by Shireen SENO

 #Unruly Geographies:From the Margins to the Center
Orbit 50: Letters to My 3 Sons by Kidlat TAHIMIK 
The Island at the End of the World by Raya MARTIN
War Is a Tender Thing by Adjani ARUMPAC
House Under the Crescent Moon by Gutierrez MANGANSAKAN II 
Mountain to Cry For by Khurshid Cañas KALABUD Jr.

#Moving Memory
Missing Cassettes, or Things Lost When Moving & Baguio Address No. 10 by Mervine AQUINO
Droga! & Disintegration 93-96 by Miko REVEREZA


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