2018 TIDF Nomination List Announced

The 11th Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) has announced its nominations on February 6th, 2018. 45 titles out of 2,445 submissions from worldwide have been nominated in three categories: Asian Vision Competition, International Competition, and Taiwanese Competition. Each category consist of 15 titles tackling topics such as politics, history, environment, family, refugee crisis amongst many issues relevant to the society.


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The 2018 TIDF marks its 20th anniversary since launched in 1998 as a biennial. The 11th edition of the TIDF will take place from May 4th to 13th in Taipei, Taiwan. More information on our programme, workshops, forums and other events will be announced as the dates are approaching near.


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Full lists of 2018 TIDF nominations


Asian Vision Competition

  • A Feeling Greater than Love


  • Baek-gu

KIM Boram|South Korea

  • Canine

Esa Hari AKBAR|Indonesia

  • City of Jade

趙德胤 Midi Z|Burma, Taiwan

  • Goodnight & Goodbye

Adon WU|Taiwan

  • The Haunted

Saodat ISMAILOVA|Norway, Uzbekistan

  • Home, Sweet Home

伊勢真一 ISE Shinichi|Japan

  • In the Claws of a Century Wanting  

Jewel MARANAN|Germany, Philippines, Qatar

  • Interiors & Exteriors

Ashique MOSTAFA|Bangladesh

  • 獨自存在  Lone Existence

沙青 SHA Qing|China

  • The Moon the Sun and the Musketeers

Vahagn KHACHATRYAN|Armenia, Portugal

  • Pushkar Myths

Kamal SWAROOP|India

  • Railway Sleepers


  • Tarling is Darling

Ismail Fahmi LUBIS|Indonesia

  • 團魚岩  Turtle Rock

蕭瀟 XIAO Xiao|China


International Competition

  • A Cambodian Spring

Chris KELLY|Cambodia, United Kingdom

  • Adriana's Pact

Lissette OROZCO|Chile

  • All that Passes by through a Window that Doesn't Open

Martin DICICCO|Qatar, United States

  • Also Known as Jihadi

Eric BAUDELAIRE|Italy, France

  • The Fall of Icarus: Narita Stories

代島治彥 DAISHIMA Haruhiko|Japan

  • Granny Project

Balint REVESZ|Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom

  • Hotel Jugoslavija

Nicolas WAGNIÈRES|Switzerland

  • Ma'ohi Nui, in the Heart of the Ocean My Country Lies

Annick GHIJZELINGS|Belgium

  • El Mar la Mar

Joshua BONNETTA, 史杰鵬 J.P. SNIADECKI|United States

  • Nature: All Rights Reserved

Sebastian Mulder|Netherlands

  • Pale Blue

Arash LAHOOTI|Iran

  • 日常對話  Small Talk

黃惠偵 HUGAN Hui-chen|Taiwan

  • Stranger in Paradise

Guido HENDRIKX|Netherlands

  • Transparent World

Vato KUNTSEV|Georgia

  • The Ugliest Car

Grzegorz SZCZEPANIAK|Poland


Taiwan Competition

  • 大帳篷-想像力的避難所  The Moving Tent

導演:陳芯宜 Singing CHEN|台灣 Taiwan

  • 不即不離  Absent without Leave

導演:廖克發 LAU Kek-huat|馬來西亞 Malaysia、台灣 Taiwan

  • 日常對話  Small Talk

導演:黃惠偵 HUGAN Hui-chen|台灣 Taiwan

  • 此後  From Now On

導演:陳文彬 Akira CHEN|台灣 Taiwan

  • 回程列車  Return

導演:黃邦銓 HUANG Pang-chuan|台灣 Taiwan、法國 France

  • 血琥珀  Blood Amber

導演:李永超 LEE Yong-chao|台灣 Taiwan

  • 告別進行式  Funeral Video

導演:吳文睿 WU Wen-rui|台灣 Taiwan

  • 那山人這山事  Stranger in the Mountains

導演:李立劭 LEE Li-shao|台灣 Taiwan

  • 那個靜默的陽光午後  The Silent Teacher

導演:陳志漢 Maso CHEN|台灣 Taiwan

  • 徐自強的練習題 Condemned Practice Mode

導演:紀岳君 CHI Yueh-chun|台灣 Taiwan

  • 尋路航海  Wayfinding to the Sea

導演:張也海.夏曼 CHANG Yeh-hai Hsia Man|台灣 Taiwan

  • 鄉愁/餘像  Spectrum of Nostalgia

導演:陳顗竹 CHEN Yi-chu|台灣 Taiwan

  • 黑熊森林  Black Bear Forest

導演:李香秀 LEE Hsiang-hsiu|台灣 Taiwan

  • 翡翠之城  City of Jade

導演:趙德胤 Midi Z|緬甸 Burma、台灣 Taiwan

  • 錢江衍派  Time Splits in the River

導演:王又平 WANG Yu-ping、李佳泓 LEE Chia-hung、黃奕捷 HUANG I-chieh、廖烜榛 LIAO Xuan-zhen|台灣 Taiwan