12th Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) Announces Competition Shortlist and Key Visual

The 12th Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF), to be held from May 1 to May 10 (Rescheduled to April 30-May 9, 2021) in Taipei, announced the shortlists for its three competitions, the Asian Vision Competition, the International Competition, and the Taiwan Competition.



TIDF nominated Taiwan Competition directors


The biannual festival had attracted a number of 2,384 submissions from 132 countries and regions. After the four-month preliminary with the selection committee consisting of 13 professionals, the festival announced a list of 44 titles selected in the three competition categories.


“I am thrilled to share the list of nominations,” said TIDF Director Wood Lin. “TIDF has developed a reputation for screening films that explore the boundaries of documentary, and the films highlight the many different aesthetic approaches that filmmakers take. Also, we are proud of the regional diversity, with films from countries like Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan or Azerbaijan, which are rarely shown in Taiwan. And, as it has become a TIDF trademark, many shortlisted films send strong messages on social or political issues. They are films that connect viewers with the experiences of people around the globe.”


The list of nominations is below.



TIDF Director Wood Lin announced shortlists in TIDF press conference


With only three months to go to the festival’s opening on May 1, the 2020 TIDF key visual and official trailer were also released.


The key visual, created by Taiwanese design artist Faye, took inspiration from American avant-garde director Larry Gottheim’s iconic work Blues (1970). The arrangement of bowls of blueberries – the “protagonists” in Gottheim’s work – generates a visible flow of time that emulates Gottheim’s play with light and dynamic images. Gottheim will attend 2020 TIDF in person, as one of the directors presented in TIDF’s Stranger than Documentary section.




The 2020 TIDF teaser is a result of the DOCDOC Workshop 2019 in Taipei, where participants were invited to create a teaser of the "Audience Watching TIDF". Making use of 360-degree VR technology, the teaser shows attitudes of film festival audiences in a playful way.



TIDF 2020 Competition Shortlist

Selection panel: The TIDF preselection team includes the following 13 experts from Taiwan film and art circles:  SU Ui-tiok, LEE Yung-chuan, LIN Hsin-i, LIN Ming-yu, GUO Jau-lan, SING Song-yong, HSI Hao, Timmy Chih-Ting CHEN, HSU Fang-tze, TENG Chao-ming, TSAI Ching-ju, Fan WU, Wood LIN. 


Asian Vision Competition

  •  100 Times Reproduction of Democracy

Chulayarnnon SIRIPHOL|Thailand

  •  Ayana

Aidana TOPCHUBAEVA|Kyrgyzstan

  •  Counting Tiles

Cynthia CHOUCAIR|Lebanon

  • Diary of Cattle

Lidia AFRILITA、David DARMADI|Indonesia

  • For My Alien Friend

Jet LEYCO|Philippines

  • Help Is on the Way

Ismail Fahmi LUBIS|Indonesia、Taiwan

  • Lost Course

Jill LI|Hong Kong

  • The Pregnant Tree and the Goblin

KIM Dongryung、PARK Kyoungtae|South Korea

  • Shadow Flowers

YI Seungjun|South Korea

  • Soil without Land

Nontawat NUMBENCHAPOL|Thailand

  • The Strangers

MYOUNG Sohee|South Korea

  • The Taste of Secrets

Guillaume SUON|Cambodia、France

  • This Shore: A Family Story

WU Tzu-an|Taiwan

  • Vigeo Cannonball Run 2016: Xi'nan, Nanshan, Sankeng, Liuhe, Datang Running 96 km for the Northernmost Trip

"Xiongzaixia" TAN Jiahao|China

  • When the Persimmons Grew

Hilal BAYDAROV|Azerbaijan, Austria


International Competition

  • The Ashram Children-I Am No Body, I Have No Body

Jonathan OFEK|Israel

  • The Black Tree

Máximo CIAMBELLA、Damián COLUCCIO|Argentina

  • Erased,___ Ascent of the Invisible

Ghassan HALWANI|Lebanon

  • How Big Is the Galaxy?

Ksenia ELYAN|Estonia、Russia

  • Last Year When the Train Passed by

HUANG Pang-chuan|France、Taiwan

  • Little Man, Time and the Troubadour

Ineke SMITS|Belgium、Netherlands

  • The Makavejev Case or Trial in a Movie Theater


  • No Data Plan

Miko REVEREZA|Philippines、US

  • The Sasha

María MOLINA PEIRÓ|Netherlands

  • Scheme Birds

Ellen FISKE、Ellinor HALLIN|Sweden、UK

  • Selfie

Agostino FERRENTE|Italy

  • Space Dogs

Elsa KREMSER、Levin PETER|Austria、Germany

  • That Which Does Not Kill

Alexe POUKINE|Belgium

  • The Tree House

Minh Quý Trương|China、France、Germany、Singapore、Vietnam

  • Walchensee Forever

Janna Ji WONDERS|Germany


Taiwan Competition

  • A Decision

Maso CHEN|Taiwan

  • A Fight to the Death

HSIEH Hsin-chih、CHEN Chih-an|Taiwan

  • Gubuk(Hut)

SO Yo-hen|Taiwan

  • Last Year When the Train Passed by

HUANG Pang-chuan|France、Taiwan

  • Turning 18

HO Chao-ti|Taiwan

  • Flow

SU Ming-yen|Taiwan

  • Mutualism

LI I-hsuan|Taiwan

  • Me and My Condemned Son

LEE Chia-hua|Taiwan

  • Llyong Topa

KAO Jun-honn|Taiwan

  • The Good Daughter

WU Yu-ying|Taiwan、US

  • In Trance We Gaze

Singing CHEN|Taiwan

  • Housing

LIN Show-tsai|Taiwan

  • The Boiling Water LAMA

Adiong LU|Taiwan

  • Opening Closing Forgetting

James T. HONG|Taiwan

  • Kisses and Hugs

CHAN Hao-chung|Taiwan