TIDF x DAFilms - Taiwan Spectrum: Indigenous Documentary, 1994 to 2000

The 2021 TIDF on Tour is kicking off at Europe’s leading online platform DAFilms.com on August 16th as the first stop, 14 films from this year’s festival section (Taiwan Spectrum) ‘Indigenous with a Capital “I”: Indigenous Documentaries from 1994-2000’ will be streamed for free until August 30, 2021.
Taiwan Spectrum, a festival section launched since 2014, aims to revisit the development of Taiwan's independent documentary history with a new angle. The programme concept presented this year is indebted to the late Māori director Barry BARCLAY, who first introduced the concept of 'Fourth Cinema' in the 1980s to promote two iconic ideas: Indigenous stories in films should be interpreted by indigenous people; the indigenous 'interiority' should be recognised and highlighted as a creative force.
Marginalised by mainstream culture and confined by underprivileged econo-political conditions, Indigenous stories and characters emerged in Taiwanese cinema in the early fictional and documentary films had mostly been portrayed as passive objects. It was not until the 1990s, owing to fast-developing technologies and wider availability of affordable equipment, that Taiwanese Indigenous peoples were able to film and interpret themselves.
This programme selects films produced between 1994 and 2000 by indigenous filmmakers who were trained in diverse methods and aesthetics by different academies and organisations. We intend to bring to the audience of these early productions which revolves around similar issues of land and cultural loss, identity crisis, class difference among ethnic groups and clashes between tradition and modernity, showing the process of how the filmmakers constructed their visual sovereignty and opened up new possibilities for revival and resistance in today’s Indigenous peoples’ movement.
With the effort of festival team, it is now available for the audience to watch these invaluable historical records (although the visual quality of some films may not be ideal) that inform our understanding of Taiwanese society. Don’t miss the chance to re-explore the (possibly!) first wave of indigenous cinema in Taiwan!


 FREE streaming from August 16th to August 30th
Two week duration limited & accessible worldwide
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* In addition to the free streaming, join us for a live conversation with two of the directors from this programme, Mayaw Biho and Lungnan Isak Fangas on August 24th (TUE) at 12:00 (CET) / 18:00 (Taiwan Time). The Q&A will be moderated by TIDF programmer and streamed live to Facebook and DAFilms Live. Stay tuned!


Full Lineup:
  • The Kavalan: Past and Present by bauki angaw
  • C'roh Is Our Name, Children in HeavenAs Life, As Pangcah by Mayaw Biho
  • The Traditional Clothes of Raisinay Village by Baunay Watan
  • Where Has the Land Gone?, Tales of the Rainbow by Pilin Yapu
  • Please Give Us a Job, Song of the Wanderer, Too Young by YANG Ming-hui (Umin Howa)
  • New Paradise by Laway Talay
  • And Deliver Us from Evil by Si Yabosokanen
  • Angoo, Looking for the Salt by Lungnan Isak Fangas
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  • The duration of this program is based on the Central European Time (UTC+2).
  • And Deliver from Us is not available for viewing in Taiwan.
  • All films are with English and Chinese subtitles. ​