DOC NIGHT - August Programme

2015/08/11 - 12:00

TIDF DOC NIGHT EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT, OPEN YOUR EYE Starting this summer. We launched regular screenings on every Friday night at 7pm, showing...


10th TIDF Festival & Open-Call Dates Announced!

2015/05/06 - 17:38

10th TIDF Festival & Open-Call Dates Announced! The 10th Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) will take place in 6-15 May...


TIDF on the Road!

2015/04/28 - 17:29

We had a wonderful festival in October, 2014. Now, we would like to extend the festival spirit, taking 31 films and some of the filmmakers...


2014 TIDF Festival Report now available to download!

2015/01/06 - 10:14

The 2014 TIDF Festival Report is now available to download! The Report comes in both Chinese and English. Simply click HERE or click on the...


2014 TIDF Award Winning Films Announced!

2014/10/17 - 22:24

The award ceremony of the 9th Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) is held on the evening of 16th October. The Deputy Minister...


TIDF Announcement

2014/10/11 - 01:21

【TIDF Announcement】 10/10 SPOT-Huashan A One 22:00 Meet the Stranger #1 ★With discussion after the screening 10/11 Fuzong15 10:30 Satiated...


“Re-encounter Reality” - Taiwan International Documentary Festival Kicked off Tonight!

2014/10/10 - 20:52

The 9 th Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) opened today (9 th October). 134 documentaries will be shown in more than 240...


The Best Time to Meeting OGAWA Shinsuke

2014/09/30 - 15:24

One of the most famous and difficult-to-view bodies of film in the world is the oeuvre of OGAWA Shinsuke (1936-1992). Only one of the works...


The Master of First-Person Films - Alan Berliner

2014/09/30 - 15:02

Whilst "a director without a camera" may sound a bit odd, it is the most important feature in Alan Berliner's films. With an overwhelmingly...


Truth Shall Not be Confined

2014/09/30 - 13:50

In recent years, Chinese independent documentary production has been suppressed by the Chines authorities, and as a result, it is getting...

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