歐斯卡.阿雷格利亞Oskar ALEGRIA
  • Spain
B&W, Colour
  • DCP



A filmmaker decides to recover the transhumance path that the shepherds in his town used to take to get to the mountains, but he cannot find anyone still alive to tell him the exact route. His idea is also to film it with his family's old super-8 camera but he discovers that, after 41 years of disuse, it no longer picks up sound. The forgotten path and the mute camera will become, along with a donkey called Paolo, the protagonists of a journey full of memories, question marks and silence.

'...perhaps we are filmmakers of memory. We work with highly fragile material. And I say it without nostalgia. I see more and more of the future in the past. Sometimes I used to say it as a joke, but it has turned out to be true: my first film was about a house. The next one I did was about a tree and this last one has a path as its main character. The path that connects the house with the tree. And that's all my memory. Gaston Bachelard said that the first images, the ones we all remember at the end of our lives, are those three: a house, a tree and a path. And it's funny that this film plays with forgetfulness: sometimes we see an image without sound, and then we hear a sound without an image... the senses are deactivated, as they are in our memories. Often what we remember is a voice but not its face, and then we see a landscape clearly but not its music... that's how the film progresses, like a path into the fog. And as always, when one sense disappears, another develops. I think this film is made for the sense of touch, which is why the hand that films appears so often, feeling for texture, touching memory.' - Oskar ALEGRIA

Festivals & Awards
2023 Yamagata IDFF
2023 Viennale
Director's Profile

Oskar Alegria, a Basque filmmaker originally trained as a journalist, worked in Madrid as a reporter on news programs, and served as an editor of cultural programs for several television channels. Artistic director of the Punto de Vista International Film Festival from 2013 to 2016 in Pamplona-Navarra. His debut film, The Search for Emak Bakia (2012), screened at BAFICI, Edinburgh, Telluride, San Sebastian, Shanghai, Yamagata, DocLisboa, San Francisco, and Denver Film Festival. It has been translated into 16 languages and received 17 awards. His second feature, Zumiriki (2019), premiered at Orizzonti, Venice Film Festival, and won the Best Non-Fiction Award at the Seville European Film Festival.

2012 The Search for Emak Bakia
2018 Gure Oroitzapenak
2019 Zumiriki
2023 Zinzindurrunkarratz
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Emak Bakia Films|info@oskaralegria.com


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