Roses. Film-Cabaret

Roses. Film-Cabaret

伊雷娜.斯特琴科Irena STETSENKO
  • Ukraine
  • DCP

Roses. Film-Cabaret


This is a film-concert of the Dakh Daughters musical and theatrical band, a modern political cabaret in which the art becomes a way of understanding the events of the revolution and the war in Ukraine. The film was created with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

'Living through a pivotal moment in the history of their country, the Maidan Revolution of 2014, art became a way for the Dakh Daughters to reflect upon those events and face the harsh reality of today's Ukraine with wisdom and hope. This political cabaret draws its magic from combining the joie de vivre and the horror of the devastating war—even if we don't see it, its shadow is always there, darkened by the bright stage lights.' - Irena STETSENKO  

Festivals & Awards
2021 Sheffield Doc/Fest
2022 Ji.hlava IDFF
Director's Profile

In 2000, Irena Stetsenko graduated from Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, receiving a diploma in Sound Directing. Worked as a sound producer and sound designer with TV stations, documentary film productions, and musicians. Since 2013, she has been fully attached to the Freak Cabaret Dakh Daughters Band as a sound producer and a director of their music documentary video-stories. In 2017, she graduated from Serhiy Bukovsky Film Program on Directing Documentary Film. Her debut feature documentary Roses. Film-Cabaret was introduced at Docudays UA in March 2021 and had its international premiere at Sheffield DocFest.

2021 Roses. Film-Cabaret
Producer|Oleksandra KRAVCHENKO, Oleg SOSNOV
Cinematographer|Serhiy Stefan STETSENKO
Scriptwriter|Irena STETSENKO
Editor|Mykola BAZARKIN
Print Source
Oleksandra KRAVCHENKO|


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