Between Delicate and Violent

Between Delicate and Violent

希琳.巴哈.德米雷Şirin Bahar DEMIREL
  • Netherlands
  • Turkey
  • DCP

Between Delicate and Violent


The video links the director's past to imagination and creation, exploring themes like domestic violence, intergenerational trauma, and resistance. The film considers hands as memory places that can both accumulate and transfer memories. Through hands and their creations, it imagines unearthing lost memories that have not been included in performative, socially acceptable family albums.

'By highlighting the performative nature of family photographs, I aimed to uncover the hidden imprints of the patriarchal family structure, which served to mask the traumas of domestic violence and mental illness within my own family. I used video-collage and a blend of diverse animation techniques to visually depict the fragmented nature of memory. As the process of remembering inherently involves rewriting, I found that frame-by-frame animation was fitting. Since the memory of touch is at the heart of the narrative, I opted for handmade paper animation, which also hints at the concept of hands as vessels carrying memories across generations. Just like family photos and heirlooms.' - Şirin Bahar DEMIREL

Festivals & Awards
2023 IDFA
2023 Kasseler Dokfest
Director's Profile
Şirin Bahar DEMIREL

A filmmaker and visual artist, working with moving images, collage and photography. She studied cinema at Galatasaray University in Istanbul and Artistic Direction of Cultural Project at Paul Valéry University, France. Her works explore home, mis/displacement and workings of memory in its broadest sense, through their relationships with objects and places, while highlighting the underlying gender roles. Adopting an experimental and playful approach, she explores the interplay and dialogue between archival/found images and her own creations. She tells personal stories rooted in social realities.

2012 All My Eyes
2013 Living with Leviathan
2015 Life Looks for Life
2019 Women’s Country
2023 Between Delicate and Violent
Producer/Scriptwriter/Animator/Editor|Şirin Bahar DEMIREL
Graphics|Marsha FRANCO
Print Source
Şirin Bahar DEMIREL|


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