Losing Ground

Losing Ground

匿名團隊 LGAnonymous LG Team
  • Myanmar
  • DCP

Losing Ground


In Yangon, dreams end with a military takeover in February 2021. Amid darkness, a film emerges, capturing the struggle through written words, recorded voices, and images—a portrayal of losing ground.  

'I grew up in Yangon. In February 2021, my dreams came to an end. My mother said: 'Son, wake up. The military has taken over the country.' The days got darker. The window in my narrow room and the piece of sky I watched seemed to be the only freedom left. I wanted to say something about this new undercurrent in my life.' - LG Anonymous LG Team

Festivals & Awards
2023 IDFA
2023 Yamagata IDFF
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Anonymous LG Team
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