The Clinic

The Clinic

翁明Aung Min
  • Myanmar
  • DCP

The Clinic


In an impoverished outskirt of Yangon where the healthcare needs of the neighbourhood is great, a doctor tries to deal with the patients' problems and also his own.  

'This is one of my very first films, I had a coworker, Jeu, who used to do photoshoots at weddings. He followed me around with a camera. And a Yangon Film School student, The Maw Naing, who started learning editing.

In 2010, it was illegal to carry a camera on the streets and could land you in trouble with the authorities. We decided to make a film within the clinic and when we went out, we were very careful. We were first thinking of filming only me, the doctor, but it was impossible to film the doctor without the patients. By the time we made that film, there were already two separate military coups in Myanmar. The film was made 10 years after the second military coup. Almost all signs of resistance were crushed, and the people were defeated. With poverty, diseases, and darkness everywhere, people have lost almost all hope.

Now, along with another military coup in 2021, this dreadful situation has returned. It is like reliving the memories and the era of hardship. I hope the film will shed light on the situation in Myanmar even after 14 years.' - Aung Min

Festivals & Awards
2012 Wathann FF
Director's Profile
Aung Min

Introduced to filmmaking and script writing in 2007, Aung Min created his first documentary, The Clinic (2010), based on his life as a medical practitioner in the outskirts of Yangon. His script for The Monk (2014) premiered at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. He also established the independent film group TEN MEN in 2013. He currently works as a mental health instructor and practitioner, art therapist, script mentor, and filmmaker.

2010 The Clinic
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2023 Boarding House
2023 Ten Years Myanmar: Boarding House
2024 Man with the Beard
Editor|The Maw Nai
Sound Design|Saw Win Htwe
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Aung Min|


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