West Island

West Island

朱賢哲CHU Hsien-che
  • Taiwan
  • DCP

West Island


West Island lies south of Penghu, under a square kilometre in size. At its peak, around 200 people lived here, but by 1999, only few remained. It's uncertain if their departure was coincidental. Both the island and its inhabitants have faded into obscurity.  

'You just need to stand at the highest point on the island. In the morning, you can watch the sunrise, and in the afternoon, you can watch the sunset there. Standing at one spot, you can see the entire island in 360 degrees. It feels like the area where you can land is very small, but your vision is incredibly vast.' - CHU Hsien-che

Festivals & Awards
2001 Visions du Réel
2001 IDFA
Director's Profile
CHU Hsien-che

Chu Hsien-che is a director, and full-time assistant professor of Mingchi University of Technology. He has worked as a director and writer for more than twenty years. In 2001, his film Pick of the Litter: Stray Dogs earned the Best Documentary at the Golden Horse Awards. His feature film, White Ant, was awarded the FIPRESCI Prize at the 2016 Busan International Film Festival.

1994 《藝術家的電影》
1995 《美國大廟》
1996 《逍遙遊》
1997 《齊物論》
1998 《幸福年代》
1998 《卑微的沈默》
1999 Qi Wu Lun
2000 West Island
2001 Pick of the Litter
2002 Flying Lantern
2003 Zou Yi Zhi Zou
2003 Prisoner
2005 Tong Hua Ju Chang
2007 An Exposure of Affected Hospital
2007 Chuang Shi Ji, Pai Lian
2012 Taichung Railroad Station
2013 In the World of Men
2016 White Ant
2020 A Lean Soul
Producer|LAI Meng-shiu
Cinematographer|LIN Wen-i
Editor|CHEN Hsiao-tung
Music|LAI Chin-kai
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