Damnatio Memoriae

Damnatio Memoriae

敦斯卡.彭西迪佛拉高Thunska PANSITTIVORAKUL
  • Germany
  • Thailand
B&W, Colour
  • DCP

Damnatio Memoriae


This documentary, composed of various video clips and footage, is an exploration to search for some missing jigsaw pieces in history. Something that turned someone into a hero, or an absolute jerk. Some things are hidden under the carpet, from Hiroshima to Teresa Teng to the Space Race, an Olympic and the moon.  

'Some things have been tricked. In the commonly known narratives, there are secrets hidden between the lines that no one has ever seen. What's repeated every single day by human beings is killing each other. Although they become sad and miserable for it, they never stop killing each other, not even for a single day. "War is over" is just another propaganda. Killing never stops; it continues and escalates callously.' - Thunska PANSITTIVORAKUL

Festivals & Awards
2023 IDFA
2023 DMZ Docs
Director's Profile

Born in Bangkok in 1973, Thunska graduated in Art Education from Chulalongkorn University. He won the Grand Prize award at The 4th Taiwan International Documentary Festival in 2004 for his documentary feature Happy Berry. In 2007, he received the Silpatorn Award from The Ministry of Culture's Office of Contemporary Arts. His work has screened at international film festivals including Berlinale, IDFA, Rotterdam, Era New Horizons, Visions du Réel, Cinéma du Réel, Torino, BAFICI, Busan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei Golden Horse, DMZdocs etc. In 2019, his Santikhiri Sonata won a Grand Prize at DocLisboa, Portugal. In 2022, his Danse Macabre won a Merit Prize at Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival (TIDF).

2000 Private Life
2000 ...for Shiw Ping 28/12/97
2000 Love Sickness
2001 Sigh
2003 Voodoo Girls
2003 Chemistry
2004 Unseen Bangkok
2004 Happy Berry
2005 After Shock
2005 Life Show
2005 Vous Vous Souviens de Moi?
2005 Endless Story
2005 Happy Berry: Oops! I Did It Again
2006 Out of Control
2006 You Are Where I Belong to
2007 Middle-Earth
2007 Love Is Our Destination
2008 'Action!'
2008 Soak
2009 This Area Is Under Quarantine
2010 Reincarnate
2011 The Terrorists
2014 Supernatural
2015 sPACEtIME
2017 I Was Young? Ignorant? Curious!
2017 Homogeneous, Empty Time
2019 Santikhiri Sonata
2020 Avalon
2021 Danse Macabre
2023 Damnatio Memoriae
Additional Cameras|Anupong POSUWAN, Thunska PANSITTIVORAKUL
Scriptwriter/Editor|Thunska PANSITTIVORAKUL
Sound|Chantanin SUPATH
Print Source
Thunska PANSITTIVORAKUL|thunska@gmail.com


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