My Stolen Planet

My Stolen Planet

法拉娜茲.沙里菲Farahnaz SHARIFI
  • Germany
  • Iran
B&W, Colour
  • DCP

My Stolen Planet


Farah, born during the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, captures moments of joy and defiance in her daily life and is forced to migrate to her private planet to be free. She buys other people's memories in super 8mm films and records and archives her own, to create an alternative history of Iran.  

'When we share a memory with others, it moves from private to public. This story is woven tightly with a resistance to forgetting. At a time when power structures strive to narrate history in ways that hide important and popular segments, it becomes all the more crucial to share personal details and micro-narratives.' - Farahnaz SHARIFI

Festivals & Awards
2024 Berlinale
2024 Thessaloniki IDF
Director's Profile
Farahnaz SHARIFI

Farahnaz Sharifi is an award-winning filmmaker and film editor living in Iran but was recently forced into exile at the end of 2022. She graduated from Tehran University in Cinema studies. Her films are mostly based on archives and she tells her story with archives. Her recent work as an editor is the acclaimed documentary film Radiograph of a Family, which won Best Feature-length Documentary Film Award and Award for Creative Use of Archive at IDFA in 2020. Farahnaz has received many awards, including Best Film Award at Uppsala Short Film Festival and Fajr Film Festival in Iran. She is also a writer and her book of short stories Breathing in Open Air has been published in Iran.

2002 Moon’s Voice
2003 Destiny
2005 Iran According to Ads
2008 My Sad Face
2013 Revolutionary Memories of Bahman Who Loved Leila
2014 Profession: Documentarist
2016 Missing
2024 My Stolen Planet
Producer|Anke PETERSEN, Lilian TIETJEN, Farzad PAK
Scriptwriter/Cinematographer/Editor/Sound|Farahnaz SHARIFI
Sound Design|Daniel WULF
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