From Island to Island

From Island to Island

廖克發LAU Kek-huat
  • Taiwan
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From Island to Island


During World War II, Taiwan was part of the Japanese Empire. This documentary explores the experiences of Taiwanese soldiers, doctors, and overseas residents in Southeast Asia during that time. Using cross-generational memory dialogues, family letters, diaries, and videos, the film addresses the complexities of Taiwan's historical memory and diverse identities during that period.  

'As an intermediary who immigrated from Malaysia to Taiwan, it gives me the courage to make this film. Although I do not deny that personally, there is anger and incomprehension towards the 70 years of silence in Taiwanese society; in Malaysia, we live with constant reminders from our elders to remember the cruelty that has happened to us. I believe that humanity can be shaped; unless we accumulate maturity in our thinking through intergenerational dialogues, we will continue to be mediocre. This is the beginning of my personal resistance, refusing to become a mediocre person.' - LAU Kek-huat

Director's Profile
LAU Kek-huat

Malaysia-born filmmaker based in Taiwan. His debut film Boluomi competed at Busan International Film Festival in the New Currents section and received a Golden Horse nomination for Best New Director. The project earned him the Tokyo Talent Award in 2015,  and the Excellent Screenplay Award in Taiwan in 2013, and was selected for La Fabrique, Cinema du monde. His short film Nia’s Door won Best Short Film, Sonje Award at the Busan International Film Festival, and was selected for the 38th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. Both his documentary Absent without Leave and The Tree Remembers still face censorship challenges today in Malaysia.

2008 Rat
2009 Cul de sac Forest
2012 Whisper of Flowers
2012 When It Rains
2013 A Scene of the Sea
2015 Nia’s Door
2016 Absent without Leave
2018 The sleep
2019 Boluomi
2019 The Tree Remembers
2021 Taste of Wild Tomato
2022 Between the Stars and Waves
2022 Karen
2024 From Island to Island
Producer|LIN Wan-yu
Cinematographer/Editor|LAU Kek-huat
Music|Yannick DAUBY
Print Source
LAU Kek-huat|


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