Between Revolutions

Between Revolutions

弗拉德.沛特里Vlad PETRI
  • Croatia
  • Iran
  • Qatar
  • Romania
B&W, Colour
  • DCP

Between Revolutions


In 1970s Bucharest, Zahra and Maria formed a deep friendship during university. As political turmoil brewed in Iran, Zahra was forced to return home, leaving Maria behind. They stayed connected through letters, chronicling their struggles as women in countries moving in divergent directions. Despite the distance and obstacles, their longing for each other remained strong.

'For me, the film is about a recent past, which reverberates very strongly with the immediate, current reality. It is a film that presents a subjective, feminine history of two countries and societies that experimented with different political systems, an Islamic and Communist one, in which people were gradually crushed by the repressive political apparatus. It is a film that resonates with the recent events in Iran, where women are fighting again for their rights, just as they did in 1979. Their cry now, even if not present in the film, expresses what Zahra and Maria also want: "Zan, Zendegi, Azadi!" — "Woman, Life, Freedom!" ' - Vlad PETRI

Festivals & Awards
2023 FIPRESCI Award, Berlinale
2023 CPH:DOX
Director's Profile

A filmmaker with a keen interest in political and social subjects. He often incorporates personal images alongside official archives to create films that blur the line between documentary and fiction. His debut work, Where are you Bucharest?, had its premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. His second feature, Between Revolutions, had its premiere in the Forum section of the Berlin International Film Festival, where it received the FIPRESCI Award and earned selections in more than 100 festivals worldwide.

2008 Once Upon a Train
2009 New Year's Eve 2008
2009 The Eiffel Tower
2014 Where Are You Bucharest?
2016 The Seaside on Foot
2020 The Deer Passed in Front of Me
2020 Journey Around the Home in 60 Days
2021 The Same Dream
2023 Between Revolutions
Letters writer|Lavinia BRANIȘTE
Scriptwriter|Lavinia BRANIȘTE, Vlad PETRI
Voices|Victoria STOICIU, Ilinca HĂRNUȚ
Editor|Dragoș APETRI, Cătălin CRISTUȚIU, Vlad PETRI
Print Source
CAT&Docs|Maëlle Guenegues|


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