Silent Delta

Silent Delta

沈可尚SHEN Ko-shang
  • Taiwan
B&W, Colour
  • DCP

Silent Delta


What do the islands want to convey? We hear nothing but silence. The souls of these islands long for the past, yet forever trapped in this space. The film symbolises their struggles, offering silent contemplation without firm conclusions.  

'Originally, this project aimed to speak from a so-called borderland perspective. Now, I'm somewhat concerned that such a viewpoint might be delusional. At least, for the "Northern Three Islands", if we talk about respecting the land, and respecting nature, then we should also learn true abandonment. Perhaps from my perspective... their silence might indeed be the most appropriate voice.’ - SHEN Ko-shang

Festivals & Awards
2000 TIDF
2001 Yamagata IDFF
Director's Profile
SHEN Ko-shang

Born in 1972, a director of advertisements, dramas, and documentaries, and also an assistant professor at the National Taiwan Normal University's Institute of Ethnomusicology. His graduation project Layover was selected for the Cannes Film Festival's short film competition and won the Golden Horse Award for Best Short Film. Served as the director of the Taipei Film Festival from 2017 to 2018. His documentaries include The Pigeon Game, Baseball Boys, A Rolling Stone, LOVE Talk, among others, with multiple nominations and awards at international film festivals, including the TIDF's Grand Prize and the Taipei Film Awards’ One-million Grand Prize.

1999 Layover
2000 Silent Delta
2003 Silent Cello
2005 The Pigeon Game
2008 Baseball Boys
2008 Fading
2010 Two Juliets
2011 Children From the Distant Planet
2011 Bus Odyssey
2011 Power On
2013 A Rolling Stone
2015 Murmuring Days
2018 Moment Within Time
2018 LOVE Talk
Producer|WU Su-li
Scriptwriter|SHEN Ko-shang
Cinematographer|FENG Hsin-hua, SHEN Ko-shang,林子喬
Editor|SHEN Ko-shang, WU Su-li, 張念慈
Sound|Aaki LAI
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