The Clinic

The Clinic

趙德胤Midi Z
  • Myanmar
  • Taiwan
B&W, Colour
  • DCP

The Clinic


In a Yangon clinic, patients with mental disorders find solace under an artist couple's care. The duo, blending medicine and art, helps patients express their struggles creatively. The husband, a physician, contemplates a film reflecting the clinic's reality but fears consequences. The wife, a psychiatrist, grapples with her own need for healing while treating others.  

'This is a country where the civil war has not only been going on for seven decades but continues till today. This is a poor society in which the basic needs of thirty million people are never met. If we apply a broader definition of "psychiatric disorders" to the population, more than half of them have mental or psychological problems. But this film is not about "psychiatric patients" nor "psychiatric clinics." It tries to testify and document the chaotic phase the country is going through. Most people try to make themselves sleep better; having lost their freedom in this crazy and cruel life, they struggle to carry on with the help of the injections that help them sleep.' - Midi Z

Festivals & Awards
2023 IDFA
2023 Best Documentary Award Nominee, Golden Horse Awards
Director's Profile
Midi Z

Born in Myanmar, Midi Z moved to Taiwan at the age of sixteen. In 2011, Return to Burma, his debut feature, was nominated for the Busan New Currents and Rotterdam Tiger Competitions. In 2014, Ice Poison won Best International Film at the Edinburgh Film Festival and represented Taiwan at the Oscars for the Best Foreign-language Film. In 2016, The Road to Mandalay won Best Feature Film FEDEORA Award at the Venice Film Festival. Midi's latest feature, Nina Wu, is selected for the Un Certain Regard at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

2006 Paloma Blanca
2008 Motorcycle Driver
2009 Hua-Xin Incident
2011 Return to Burma
2012 Poor Folk
2013 Silent Asylum
2014 Ice Poison
2014 The Palace on the Sea
2015 Jade Miners
2016 City of Jade
2016 The Road to Mandalay
2018 14 Apples
2019 Nina Wu
2023 The Clinic
Producer|WANG Shin-hong, LIN Sheng-wen, Aung Min, San San Oo, Isabella HO
Scriptwriter/Editor|Midi Z, WU Ke-xi
Cinematographer|Peter PAN
Music|LIM Giong
Sound|CHOU Cheng
Print Source
Seashore Image Productions Co, Ltd.|Isabella HO|,


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