The Floating Ball

The Floating Ball

李志薔LEE Chih-chiang
  • Taiwan
  • DCP

The Floating Ball


Liuqiu, a tiny island on the outskirt of the Taiwan Strait, which means ‘floating ball’. Surrounded by more floating balls—’hotels-on-the-sea’ where Chinese fishermen stay. The film depict fate, humanity and destiny of these floating balls.  

'Originally a joyful overseas holiday, but once the filming began, everyone except the cinematographer felt ill. Spending eight to nine hours on a dirty, oily boat, unable to use the restroom or eat, only continuously smoking and bonding with them. Then, those lacking sleep started vomiting first. Some places seem nearby, just a short ride by boat, but can people really settle there? This is where I began contemplating the fate of the outlying islands.' - LEE Chih-chiang

Festivals & Awards
2000 TIDF
Director's Profile
LEE Chih-chiang

Born in Kaohsiung in 1966, Lee Chih-chiang graduated from National Taiwan University with a postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Engaged in creative works in film and literature, served as director, screenwriter, and producer for numerous films. Received over 30 awards in literature. His debut feature film was The Road in the Air. Collaborated with wife Tsai Yin-chuan on works like Stilt and Packages From Daddy. Recent role as producer for the TV series, Tears on Fire, recognized with multiple Golden Bell Awards.

1999 The Floating Ball
2006 The Road in the Air
2007 Chen Yun-cheng
2010 《秋宜的婚事》
2011 《你現在在哪?》
2011 Seventeen
2012 Stilt
2014 Brave Forward
2017 《先生媽》
2017 《等待耶穌》
2017 《紅塵梵谷》
Producer|HSE Huei-ru
Cinematographer|Bodo ZENG, SHE Ko-shang
Editor|LI Chih-chiang, CHEN Hsiao-dong
Sound|CHEN Sing-ing
Music|CHANG Yu-wei
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