Who Is Fishing®?

Who Is Fishing®?

陳芯宜Singing CHEN
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Who Is Fishing®?


Mentioning Diao-yu-tai evokes an immediate patriotic response in Taiwan due to the territorial dispute between China and Japan, sparked by a 1968 oil field survey in the East China Sea.  

'I wouldn't say I'm shooting the Diao-yu-tai; it's more like the Diao-yu-tai is capturing me, or perhaps it is reflecting me. I never thought the Diao-yu-tai was important to me, and even now, after researching so much about the island, the more I understand it, the less I want to engage with it. I just wish it could peacefully lie there.' - Singing CHEN

Festivals & Awards
2000 TIDF
2001 Yamagata IDFF
Director's Profile
Singing CHEN

Singing Chen is a filmmaker who focuses her creation on the human condition and beliefs, exploring the essence of life. Her approach to magical realism highlights the absurdity in reality and points out the structural problem in society. She has accumulated many poetic images through nuanced observations during her long-term documentation of Taiwanese artists in different fields such as theatre, dance, and sound art. In 2022, her VR film The Man Who Couldn't Leave won the Best Experience Award in the 79th Venice Immersive Competition, and she served as the jury president for the immersive competition at the 80th Venice Film Festival. Other renowned works include the VR film Afterimage for Tomorrow, the documentary The Walker, feature films God Man Dog and Bundled, and the series Heaven on the 4th Floor, many of which were nominated or won at the Berlin Film Festival, Busan Film Festival, Friborg Film Festival, TIDF, and many more.

1995 《微醺》
1995 《阿春》
1997 《李伯大夢》
1999 《台北新故鄉-豬屠口的春天》
2000 Who is Fishing®?
2001 Bundled
2003 Great Thing in One's Life
2007 God Man Dog
2008 Singing in Taichung
2011 The Clock
2013 Ears Switched Off and On
2014 The Pig
2014 《落花春泥》
2014 The Walkers
2014 Mountain Spirits
2015 A Real Meal
2018 In Trance We Gaze
2018 The Moving Tent
2018 Body Talk
2018 Afterimage for Tomorrow
2021 Heaven on the 4th Floor
2022 The Man Who Couldn't Leave
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