Journey of a Bird

Journey of a Bird

  • Myanmar
  • DCP

Journey of a Bird


After a military coup in Myanmar on February 1, 2021, a Burmese teenager, initially depressed, decides to join a friend's media group for revolution, reigniting hope and steering his own path.  

'Before the coup, I was just a filmmaker who loved making and watching films and at that time I was trying to make my first feature film. And then a coup happened, the film industry couldn't run anymore. All Burmese people's hopes and dreams were ruined.  

At that time, I was thinking if I can't make my first feature film, I will try to do my first documentary about the coup. So I started recording myself for a long time and Journey of a Bird was born.

The documentary is about the struggle of the young generation of Myanmar but I don't want to make heavy drama stuff. Just in a natural way. Of course, the world already knows how cruel the policies and soldiers of Myanmar are, but they also need to know about how military coups make a lot of chaos in our generation.'

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2023 Yamagata IDFF
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