K-Family Affairs

K-Family Affairs

南雅琅NAM Arum
  • South Korea
  • DCP

K-Family Affairs


Arum's parents, part of South Korea's 386 generation, aimed to secure democracy. But Arum's perspective shifts at 18 with the Sewol ferry disaster. Even her father's involvement in its aftermath prompts her to question inherited democracy. Reflecting on events like #MeToo and impeachment, Arum ponders her generation's role in shaping South Korea's political landscape.  

'Constrained by my father's public service, I held back from joining protests, inspired yet unable to live up to my mother's feminist ideals. This film mirrors my quest for a political voice, threading the line between critiquing and championing the efforts of previous generations. I aspire for it to spark conversations about forging the democracy of tomorrow.' - NAM Arum

Festivals & Awards
2023 DMZ Docs
2023 RIDM
Director's Profile
NAM Arum

Arum Nam is a documentary director based in Seoul, South Korea. Currently pursuing a master's degree in documentary at the Korea National University of Arts. She directed a short documentary called Pink Femi, which tells the story of a feminist mother, and co-directed Teleporting with Japanese directors during the pandemic. K-Family Affairs is her first feature documentary.

2018 Pink Femi
2022 Teleporting
2023 K-Family Affairs
Producer|Cool NUNG, HER Yoonsoo
Cinematographer|NAM Arum, JEONG Saebyeol, KWON Ohyeon, LEE Miseol, LEE Hyerin, Hanna CHO, LEE Youngmi
Sound|KIM Soohyun, LEE Jiyun
Print Source
NAM Arum|namarum@gmail.com


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