Before the Radiation

Before the Radiation

周美玲Zero CHOU
  • Taiwan
  • DCP

Before the Radiation


In 1998, Wuqiu was marked as a Nuclear Waste Disposal site despite protests. Islanders question the choice: ‘Why dump it here? Why not bury gold?’ As a military zone, public access is denied, leaving us defenseless if the government acts further.  

'However, today, we still use the sparse population of the outlying islands as an excuse, attempting to further exploit the scarce remaining pristine land. If not for the shadow cast by nuclear waste, the islanders' lives would have been tranquil and content. But the imminent shadow of radiation quickly covered the island and shadowed people's hearts.' – Zero CHOU

Festivals & Awards
2000 TIDF
2001 Yamagata IDFF
Director's Profile

Born in 1969, Zero Chou earned a B.A. in Philosophy at the National Chengchi University in 1992. She worked as a journalist before becoming an independent film director. Her works are philosophical and literary, and often based on the motif of female emotions. Her Spider Lilies won the Teddy Award at Berlinale 2007. Her other works have also won awards in Taiwan and abroad.

1996 A Film About the Body
1997 Artist and His Daughter
1997 Looking for the Forgotten Artists
1997 Memories of the Taiwanese Master
1998 Yi Shi Zai Hai Sia Zhong : Wu Qiu
1998 Wanderers' Bay
1998 Looking For the Forgotten Artists
2000 Before the Radiation
2000 Zou Zu Zhan Ji
2000 Head Hunting Festival
2001 Corner's
2002 Poles Extremity
2003 Bai Du
2004 Splendid float
2005 Vision of Darkness
2005 《921‧傳說》
2006 Mountain Walking
2007 Spider Lilies
2008 Dreamer
2008 Viva! Taiwan Moooooovie
2008 Drifting Flowers
2012 Ripples Of Desire
2014 Reel Shadow Warriors
2020 Wrath of Desire
2022 Untold Herstory
Cinematographer|DONG Cheng-liang, Hoho LIU
Editor|Zero CHOU
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