<The Pratas Islands>...Tong-Sha, an Isle Like a Crab

<The Pratas Islands>...Tong-Sha, an Isle Like a Crab

李孟哲LEE Meng-zhe
  • Taiwan
B&W, Colour
  • DCP

<The Pratas Islands>...Tong-Sha, an Isle Like a Crab


The soldier's written words breathe life into the desolate and shell-covered Tong-Sha Island, transforming it into a vivid landscape. It's a place where many men seem symbolically bound, unvisited yet too precious to forsake.  

'Being used to a certain way of looking, listening and understanding, we are often presumptuous about our judgments. As a filmmaker, I made the same mistake at the beginning of the shoot. I didn’t choose the subject; it is the subject that chose me.' - LEE Meng-zhe

Festivals & Awards
2000 TIDF
2001 Yamagata IDFF
Director's Profile
LEE Meng-zhe

Born in 1967, graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University's Journalism program in 1989, followed by completion of studies at the National Taiwan University of Graduate Institute of Documentary & Film Archiving. Initially focused on labor and social issues in early works, later diversified into various film genres with significant aesthetic innovations. Actively engaged in political activism, particularly in environmental and civic causes. Works include Our Grandma and Her House (1989), Professor Chu’s Summer Homework: The Struggle of Women-Workers at Ban Chiao Clothing Factory (1992) and Chin-song and Xiaoshah’s Wedding Plaza (1994). Passed away in 2018.

1989 Our Grandma’s Home and Grandma
1992 Professor Chu's Summer Homework - The Struggle of Women Workers at Ban-Chiao Clothing Factory
1992 《1992-419 總統直選MTV》
1993 《黃金或糞土》
1994 Chin-song and Xiao-shah's Wedding Plaza

1997 Record and Reality
1998 A Work in Progress
2000 <The Pratas Islands> Tong-Sha, an Isle Like a Crab

2000 Beyond the Borderline

2014 《方塊間的風景》
2016 The Sequence in Disorder PM2.
Producer|Vincent LEE
Cinematographer| Basuya LIN, MJ LEE
Editor|A-Ken HWANG
Music|Aaki LAI
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