Taman-taman (Park)

Taman-taman (Park)

蘇育賢SO Yo-hen
  • Taiwan
  • DCP
World Premiere G

Taman-taman (Park)


Taman-taman (Park): Two Indonesian poets meet at Tainan Park, using daytime experiences to craft poetry. Inspired by encounters and emotions, their creations take shape through night-time chanting, imagination, and action. Taman-taman (Park) unfolds a journey resembling an ancient fable, with untold stories hidden in the endless night. The storytellers become integral parts of the narratives as well.  

'If we describe it with landscape painting, no matter how realistic it is, the painter cannot bring the scenery in front of them into the exhibition hall. However, looking at the landscapes that the painter has selected, modified, and embellished, sometimes the soul can be taken to a further place. Or, the painting itself is already an independent scenery, whether as a whole or in detail; it makes people yearn for or fear. Sometimes, when looking at landscape paintings, imagining the painter facing the scenery across this canvas, gradually, it also becomes a part of the scenery.' - SO Yo-hen  

Director's Profile
SO Yo-hen

So Yo-hen, an art enthusiast, studied at the Graduate Institute of Arts at Tainan National University of the Arts and is currently a member of Your Bros. Filmmaking Group. His creative work spans various mediums, and he approaches it without preconceived notions about what he's doing.

2013 Hua-Shan-Qiang
2016 The Prophet
2017 Plaster Gong
2018 Nalam
2018 Gubuk (Hut)
2021 Ký Túc Xá (DORM)
2022 (Nguyễn Quốc Phi)
Producer|LIAO Hsiu-hui
Cinematographer|SO Yo-hen, TIEN Zong-yuan
Editor|SO Yo-hen
Sound|Nigel BROWN
Cast|Asri JALAL, Hasan Basri Maulana FIRMANSYAH
Print Source
LIAO Hsiu-hui|hsiuhsiuway@gmail.com、TIEN Zong-yuan|wu06wu06012589@gmail.com


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