Plastic Bag

Plastic Bag

丹倫烏Than Lwin Oo
  • Myanmar
  • DCP

Plastic Bag


Myanmar, a young boy haunted by the seal of sin, pursues an impossible love and loses himself.   

'When I was 19, I tried to kill myself for love. But I didn't succeed. I was too afraid to die, afraid to live…When it is dark in our lives, we tend to flee to even darker places. We often imagine that our darkness will disappear there. I am obsessed with this thought. Where there is light you can see things, with darkness you can tell things. In the darkness everything is more raw, more naked. Our fears as well as our desires. It seems to me that we get a little closer to the truth. Dark is the story of my country, drowned after a short break in the cruellest of dictatorships, my country victim of a tight closure to the rest of the world, surrounded by a multitude of wars, especially on all its borders.' - Than Lwin Oo

Director's Profile
Than Lwin Oo

Born in 1997, in Thanlyin, the seaport of Yangon. Entering the National University of Arts and Culture, he made a short film that won the Best Director Award at the graduation ceremony in 2018. He continues to study with Dr. Aung Min (screenwriter of the film, The Monk, also a director and founder of a filmmakers workshop). He directed the short film Between, which won the New Vision Award at the Wathann festival in 2019. The script for Plastic Bag was developed at the Myanmar Script Fund 2019 and won the CinéFabrique Révélation Award. He is currently working on writing a short film named Childhood.

2019 Between
2023 Plastic Bag
Producer|Aung Min, Marianne DUMOULIN, Jacques BIDOU
Cinematographer|Nyi Pu
Sound/Music|Eloïse MUET
Print Source
JBA Production|Marianne Dumoulin|


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