Family Trips

Family Trips

劉紀彤LIU Chi-tung
劉紀汎LIU Chi-fan
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Family Trips


Over 60 years ago, my father embarked on a one-way trip to Kaohsiung, settling in Liuhe Night Market. From there, he became a Japanese tour guide. The pandemic suspended his work, prompting a reflection on the past. This film is a personal journey, exploring the intimate bond formed during outings with my father's tour group.

'This work is about an experimental trip attempted by a pair of siblings who have moved out for years to get along with their parents again. We endeavoured to accompany our parents now, as they used to accompany us, with a family trip and home videos. The work is composed of video clips from this journey and the video our father took when tour guiding in the past. The different frame sizes between V8 and full-HD video represents the time span and image interlaced by father, mother, son, and daughter. The shifting of camera shoot and the alteration of being filmed and filming (passive and active), echo the various stages of life in the family and shape a sculpture of family relationships.' - LIU Chi-tung and LIU Chi-fan

Festivals & Awards
2022 Citizen TAINAN Award Nominee, South Taiwan FF
Director's Profile
LIU Chi-tung

Graduated from the Graduate Institute of Trans-disciplinary Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts, Chi-tung is a full-time contemporary artist. Her focus is on piercing the subtle points in daily scenery. Through recalling forgotten memories and connections, she pays attention to the invisible rivers beneath modern facilities, particularly the recent rupture of language between landscape and remains.

2022 Between Two Rivers
2022 Family Trips
LIU Chi-fan

Graduated from the Institute of Art Education and Creation of Tsinghua University, Chi-fan has won the Chi Mei Art Award and Taiwan Art New Look Award. In recent years, he has been wandering between picture book illustration and artistic creation, exploring male individuals with negative qualities in body memory, and the possibility of the disappearance of the division of gender opposition.

2022 Family Trips
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