February 1st

February 1st

萊拉・馬凱爾Leïla MACAIRE
莫莫Mo Mo
  • France
  • Myanmar
  • DCP

February 1st


On February 1st, 2021, a military coup unfolded in the Republic of Myanmar. This visual documentary explores the reflections on art, revolution, and freedom through the travel diaries of two women filmmakers: one Burmese and the other French. Both have witnessed the country in distinct lights.  

'This ambivalence made us question the meaning of freedom. Are there conditions? Limits? Is it fair? With this film, we've tried to understand our differences, from one country to another, from one individual to another; what links us to others, our passions, our gender, or even our need for freedom. Presented as a personal diary in visual form, we explore what it is like to feel foreign, to feel lonely or surrounded by others, to feel strong. We attempt as well to understand the role our pictures play in our lives as women film directors. February 1st is the result of creative collaboration from two parts of the world, a collective voice facing geopolitical events that concern all of us. In the end, who takes over the reins of power in this film?' - Leïla MACAIRE

Festivals & Awards
2021 SGIFF
2022 Oldenburg FF
Director's Profile

A French director and photographer based in Paris. Identity and social diversity are recurring themes in her work. In both film and photography, she explores and advocates for human rights, as well as women's rights, expressing herself through visual and aesthetic research.

2016 La tangente
2018 Cut Cut
2020 Mères
2021 February 1st
2022 Braids
Mo Mo
Producer|Angèle DE LORME
Cinematographer|Leïla MACAIRE, Mo Mo
Editor|Leïla MACAIRE
Sound|Emmanuel JARRIGE
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