Flickering Lights

Flickering Lights

阿努帕瑪.辛尼瓦桑Anupama SRINIVASAN
阿尼班.杜塔Anirban DUTTA
  • India
  • DCP

Flickering Lights


In a village on the Indo-Myanmar border, seventy years after Indian independence, news arrives that electricity might come. People are sceptical, and let down too often before. A woman dreams of a better future, a century-old man of sovereignty. As the village waits, life flickers between hope and frustration, idealism and pragmatism.  

'It is a region we have visited several times over the past 15 years, engaging with communities, trying to understand, and searching for ways to express what we saw on the ground.  

'When we heard about the rural electrification drive in the region, we felt that exploring this would allow us to delve deep into the intricacies of life here. At the same time, it opened a window to the struggle for basic amenities like electricity—a struggle that is shared by millions on our planet. Looking at this journey could be a way to understand how things work (or don't work) in this part of the world, and how people cope with a life rife with uncertainties.  

'The treatment of our film is guided by an urge to reframe stories of marginalisation of indigenous communities, and to present Tora as a living, thriving entity rather than essentializing the people here as victims of underdevelopment or violence. In a world of increasing cacophony and polarisation, we want to express ourselves with gentleness, allowing small gestures, everyday conversations to reveal the lived philosophy of a people, their dreams and anxieties.' - Anupama SRINIVASAN and Anirban DUTTA

Festivals & Awards
2023 IDFA
2023 Busan IFF
Director's Profile

Anupama Srinivasan is a filmmaker, film educator, and curator based in Delhi, India. She did her BA in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University and went on to study filmmaking at the Film & Television Institute of India, Pune. She has been making documentaries for the past two decades, often shooting and editing her own work. Her films have been screened at various film festivals including IDFA, Busan International Film Festival, 100 Years of Cinema Centenary Festival, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, FIPA Biarritz, Mumbai International Film Festival, Film Southasia Kathmandu, ImagineIndia Madrid Peloponnisos Film Festival and Kara Filmfest. Flickering Lights, the feature documentary that she co-directed with Anirban Dutta received the Best Cinematography Award at IDFA international competition 2023.

2002 On My Own
2007 On My Own Again
2009 I Wonder...
2012 Nirnay
2019 Are You Going to School Today?
2023 Flickering Lights
2024 Nocturnes
Anirban DUTTA

Anirban Dutta is a filmmaker, still photographer, and media educator based in Delhi, India. He set up his company, Metamorphosis in 2003. He has directed and produced several documentary films and created many photographic essays on diverse topics such as children’s rights, biodiversity, environmental issues, health, and gender and sexuality. His films have travelled to various film festivals such as Busan International Film Festival, IDFA, New York Short Film Festival, the San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Al Jazeera International Film Festival, and Mumbai International Film Festival.

2010 The Mud House
2011 Beyond the Mountains
2015 5 Exchange Lane
2016 Tales of Stamps
2019 The Last Run
2023 Flickering Lights
2024 Nocturnes
Producer|Anirban DUTTA
Scriptwriter|Anupama SRINIVASAN, Anirban DUTTA
Cinematographer|Anupama SRINIVASAN, Vandita JAIN, Mrinmoy MONDAL
Editor|Anupama SRINIVASAN
Sound|Shreyank NANJAPPA
Print Source
Metamorphosis Film Junction|anirban@metamorphosisfilms.com


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