No Winter Holidays

No Winter Holidays

拉詹.卡泰特Rajan KATHET
蘇尼.潘迪Sunir PANDEY
  • Nepal
  • Romania
  • South Korea
  • DCP

No Winter Holidays


Two lifelong rivals Ratima and Kalima have been appointed caretakers of their empty village. Now in the twilight of their lives, they must forget their past and help each other survive a long and harsh winter.  

'Life in Nepal today is defined by poverty, gender roles, remoteness, urban-rural divide, caste, and "untouchability." All these manifest in the lives of Ratima and Kalima. They are considered "low caste," the "untouchables" of society, they have little material wealth, and their identity in society is still tied to their common, but already dead husband.  

'From the outside, it is as if they are doomed to isolation and drudgery. Yet, upon close observation, we find their lives have a quiet, pastoral dignity, and a sense of freedom in contrast to city-dwellers. Their activities and experiences also defy our preconceived ideas about rural women and the relationships they have in life.  

'Ratima and Kalima resemble many of our family members closely. Both of us have family members who refuse to leave village life—which we find tough and unrewarding—and settle with us in the city. Through an intimate portrait of Ratima and Kalima's lives and circumstances, we want to create a wider interest in grassroots cultures and issues in Nepal today.' - Rajan KATHET and Sunir PANDEY

Festivals & Awards
2023 Sheffield Doc/Fest
2023 DMZ Docs
Director's Profile

Rajan Kathet is a Nepal-based filmmaker. A graduate of the European Masters DocNomads, he is a Berlinale Talents 2017 alumnus and Global Media Makers Fellow 2021/22. Rajan's first feature documentary, No Winter Holidays, premiered in the International First Feature Competition section of the Sheffield DocFest 2023 and was selected at the DMZ Docs 2023. His short fiction, Bare Trees In The Mist (2019), was screened at several international film festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival 2019, Tampere Film Festival, HKIFF, KIMFF, Encounters Film Festival, and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia.

2015 Serdhak
2016 Split Ends
2019 Bare Trees in the Mist
2023 No Winter Holidays

Sunir Pandey is an emerging filmmaker based in Kathmandu. In the past, he has worked as a journalist in Nepal, and as a writer, translator, and editor for national and international organisations. No Winter Holidays is his first film.

2023 No Winter Holidays
Producer|Gary Byungseok KAM, Rajan KATHET, Sunir PANDEY
Cinematographer|Babin DULAL
Editor|Kiran SHRESTHA
Sound|Cyrus TANG, Dikesh Khadgi SHAHI, Kishore ACHARYA
Music|Rajan SHRESTHA
Print Source
Stranger Films Sales|Oksana DYKOVSKA|


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