大維.米庫蘭Dávid MIKULÁN
巴林特.瑞斐斯Bálint RÉVÉSZ
  • Croatia
  • France
  • Hungary
  • DCP



KIX chronicles the vibrant life of Sanyi, an adventurous 8-year-old in Budapest, who finds freedom in the city streets. Surrounded by filmmaker friends, he navigates childhood with wild abandon. However, a tragic incident on his 16th birthday thrusts him into the spotlight as a misunderstood youth, caught between youthful recklessness and societal neglect.  

'KIX is characterised by video art, trash, and music videos. It's a balancing act between observational vérité and active interaction between subjects and filmmakers, displaying an incredible immediacy that tends to confront rather than explain. The film actively reflects upon the relationship between subject and filmmakers and witnessing the evolution on both sides raises the core questions of documentary filmmaking: does observation change the observed and in KIX's case, the observers?' - Bálint RÉVÉSZ and Dávid MIKULÁN 

Festivals & Awards
2024 CPH:DOX
Director's Profile

An intermedia artist who graduated from the Fine Art University, Budapest. As part of his studies, he attended courses at Hamburg University of Applied Science - Film and Media Technology and was a participant in the Space of Uncertainty project touring around Krakow, Budapest and Stuttgart. Amongst numerous group and solo exhibitions he collaborated with the Conceptual Soundproductions Budapest, Kolibri Theatre and the Hungarian State Opera. His multidisciplinary works reflect on how public spaces have an effect on social structures.

2015 Psychogeography
2023 KIX

A young director/producer who focuses on the frontier between documentary and fiction. He graduated from the University of Brighton in 2012. His first feature documentary as director, Granny Project, which was 7 years in the making, received the MDR prize at Dok Leipzig, Next Generation Award at Taiwan IDFF, received a Doc Alliance nomination and was featured at Hot Docs, CPH:DOX, amongst other major festivals. He's the founder of the London based Gallivant Film collective and the producer behind Another News Story, a doc in competition at the KVIFF, ZFF among others and presented at IDFA in 2017.

2017 The Gift
2017 Granny Project
2023 KIX
Producer|Viki Réka KISS, András Pires MUHI, Victor EDE, Bálint RÉVÉSZ
Cinematographer|Dávid MIKULÁN
Editor|Yael BITTON, Károly SZALAI
Music|Csaba KALOTÁS
Sound|Ivan ZELIĆ 
Print Source
Viki Réka KISS|


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