My Worst Enemy

My Worst Enemy

梅韓.達馬東Mehran TAMADON
  • France
  • DCP

My Worst Enemy


Mojtaba, Hamzeh and Zar are among other individuals who have been thrown into prison and ideologically interrogated in Iran. In this documentary, the director wants them to interrogate him as agents of the Islamic Republic might. He would like the real torturer in Iran to see himself through the film as if in a mirror.  

'I ask Iranian political refugees in France to interrogate me on camera as an agent of the Iranian regime would. My initial intention was to take this recording to Iran to show it to an interrogator working for the regime and to confront him with his own violence. Would it be possible to awaken his conscience? My Worst Enemy raises questions regarding filmmaking and ethics. Is there something wrong about proposing such a re-enactment to a political refugee? What are the risks for him and for me? What is the nature of the pact with the audience? Is it possible to change a system from the inside?' - Mehran TAMADON

Festivals & Awards
2023 Berlinale
2023 Visions du Réel
Director's Profile

Graduated as an architect, Mehran Tamadon directed Mothers of Martyrs in 2004, then Bassidji in 2009, in which he attempted to dialogue with the defenders of the Iranian regime. He continued this approach with Iranian, where he convinced supporters of the regime to live in cohabitation with him. His latest films, My Worst Enemy and Where God Is Not, presented at the Berlinale in 2023, deal with the violence of interrogation and detention in Iran.

2004 Mothers of Martyrs
2009 Bassidji
2014 Iranian
2023 My Worst Enemy
2023 Where God Is Not
Producer|Raphaël PILLOSIO, Elena TATTI
Scriptwriter|Mehran TAMADON
Cinematographer|Patrick TRESCH
Sound|Laurent MALAN
Print Source
Andana Films|Samy POLLET-VILLARD|


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