A Holy Family

A Holy Family

盧盈良Elvis LU
  • France
  • Taiwan
  • DCP

A Holy Family


After twenty years of absence, director Elvis Lu returns home to confront the true reason for his departure: his unwavering belief in the psychic powers of his elder brother, A-zhi. Documenting each day, he realises that the actual source of familial strife may be his departure.

'My mother asked me to go back home, and I understood that she was getting ready to die. Suddenly, I felt that I wasn't ready to lose her, and I realised that I didn't have much time left to face the family problems that had haunted me for so long. I decided to return home and film our daily life, creating a family video that we had never had. This process has somehow eased the feelings of anger and emptiness that lingered within me for so long. Coming back to my family was complicated, but it also somehow led me to come back to myself.' - Elvis LU

Festivals & Awards
2022 Grand Prize, Best Documentary, Best Editing, Taipei Film Awards
2022 Visions du Réel
Director's Profile
Elvis LU

Elvis Lu obtained an MA from the Department of Motion Pictures at the National Taiwan University of Arts. His The Shepherds was nominated for Best Documentary, and A Holy Family won the Grand Prize at Taipei Film Awards, respectively in 2018 and 2022.

2011 《二姊的家》2013 Little Knights
2013 The Oldest Street in Tamsui
2015 《小騎士闖通關之美夢成真》
2015 Don't Say Goodbye
2018 The Shepherds
2022 A Holy Family
Producer|Stefano CENTINI, Jean-Laurent CSINIDIS
Editor|HUANG Yi-ling
Cinematographer|CK CHEN, CHOU Wen-chin, Elvis LU
Music|Point HSU
Print Source
VOLOS FILMS|Stefano CENTINI|stefano@volosfilms.com


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