A Performance in the Church

A Performance in the Church

許家維HSU Chia-wei
  • Taiwan
  • DCP
World Premiere G

A Performance in the Church


Focused on the 2018-2020 excavation of Todos los Santos Church on Heping Island, Taiwan, this film delves into maritime exploration and colonisation of Taiwan. The director combines archaeological findings with a cross-disciplinary musical performance, capturing the delicate excavation process. Furthermore, the film traces a creative journey from the site to historical events in Asia.

'It took four years to complete this documentary, capturing the archaeological excavations on Heping Island and subsequent analyses. Filming behind the scenes of the archaeologists’ work really inspired me; they focus on such minute details of material fragments, distinct from the macro-narratives of history. These are narratives brought together through material matters. None of us has experienced the distant times and spaces connected through the material fragments, such as the 17th-century monastery on Heping Island, the Cambodian-Dutch war, or the fort’s destruction in Malacca. We rely on contemporary technologies to imagine a vast space and time beyond our lived experience. In this film, we attempt to present a journey of imagination through the intersection of contemporary art, sound art and archaeology.' - HSU Chia-wei

Director's Profile
HSU Chia-wei

Born in 1983 in Taichung, Taiwan, Hsu Chia-wei is an artist, filmmaker, and curator based in Taipei. A graduate of Le Fresnoy, he merges the languages of film and contemporary art and unearths the complex mechanisms behind images. Through his artistic practice, he weaves connections between humans, materials and places that have been overlooked or omitted in conventional historical narratives. He has participated in the Asia Pacific Triennial and Aichi Triennale, as well as other biennials worldwide, including Thailand, Singapore, Shanghai, Gwangju, Busan, Sydney, Venice, and many more. He has also held solo exhibitions at the Mori Art Museum, the Liang Gallery, the Museum of NTUE, and the Honggah Museum.

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2024 A Performance in the Church
Producer|Tony SU
Scriptwriter|HSU Chia-wei
Cinematographer|CHANG Neng-chen
Editor|WANG Bo-an, CHANG Neng-chen, HSU Chia-wei
Sound|HUI Tak-cheung
Print Source
Public Television Service Foundation|Lin CHIEN|sineadchien@pts.org.tw


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