All and Nothing

All and Nothing

廖憶玲LIAO I-ling
朱柏穎CHU Po-ying
  • Taiwan
B&W, Colour
  • DCP
World Premiere G

All and Nothing


All and Nothing explores the intricate life of late conceptual artist Li Yuan-chia, tracing his journey from WWII-era China to Taiwan, 1950s Milan, Bologna, and Swinging Sixties London, culminating in his 1971 establishment of the L.Y.C. Museum & Gallery in rural Cumbria. The film captures his essence as a journeyman and artist.

'Thank you Li Yuan-chia, you are the most important person in our heart, and we are your invisible friend. We are all a small dot in the vast ocean because we cross the barriers of space and time and we have a surreal relationship. We wouldn't say it's a metaphysical spiritual exchange, I think we completely change each other's lives.

'When we saw the words you left behind before your life had vanished, and watched you concentratedly working, we just want to tell you that we believe we found what you thought you had lost. If it was your fate to be lonely, misunderstood, and for your life to fade away, and perhaps no one would ever remember all the things you did, would you still make the same choices? We would because we have found you.' - LIAO I-ling and CHU Po-ying

Director's Profile
LIAO I-ling

Liao I-ling has been a producer and director since 2003. Her works focus on the discussions of the relations between individuals and culture, influenced by hierarchy, poverty, and social systems. Her narration is characterized by a philosophical and allegorical aura.

2003 How Deep
2006 Gift of Life
2013 Invisible Villlage
2013 Weight of Life
2023 All and Nothing
CHU Po-ying

Chu Po-ying, a graduate of the National Taiwan University of Arts, adeptly captures the language of hyper-reality in his roles as a director and photographer. He emphasizes keen observation of real-life situations, and sensitivity to subtle invisibility, and aspires to transform this invisibility into narrative images that convey the emotions of photographed characters using hyper-reality or magical realism.

2003 Broken Bridge
2005 Love Letter
2013 Invisible Villlage
2013 Weight of Life
2023 All and Nothing
Producer|LIAO I-ling, WANG Kai-wei, YU Wei
Cinematographer| CHU Po-ying, FONG Sin-hua
Sound|CHU Po-ying, LIAO I-ling
Editor|CHU Po-ying, CHEN Hui-ping, LIAO I-ling
Music|WANG Yu-jun
Print Source
Life Scenery Film|Liao I-ling|


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