And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

蔡崇隆TSAI Tsung-lung
  • Taiwan
  • DCP

And Miles to Go Before I Sleep


Vietnamese migrant Nguyen Quoc Phi dreamt of starting a business in his home country. In 2017, he was shot nine times by police officer Chen Chung-wen for a reported car theft. Public support for Chen came from Nguyen's resistance and drug use. However, questions about Nguyen's death challenge the perception of the imperfect victim.

'Our attitude towards minority groups distinguishes us from totalitarian regimes. While Taiwan is proud of its commitment to human rights, it appears to be premised on specific race and class distinctions. Nguyen’s death serves as an entry point to address structural problems. The 700,000 Southeast Asian migrant workers lack a voice, but positive changes can be initiated with your professional abilities, resources, and votes. Thank you for watching this film. Let's work together to make Taiwan a truly coexistent and prosperous country.' - TSAI Tsung-lung

Festivals & Awards
2022 Best Documentary Award, Golden Horse Awards
2023 Best Documentary and Director Nominee, Taipei Film Awards
Director's Profile
TSAI Tsung-lung

Tsai Tsung-lung is a journalist and documentary producer. He produced Condemned Practice Mode, which won the South Award at the 2016 South Taiwan Film Festival and won the Best Documentary at the Golden Horse Awards.

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2022 And Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Producer|Emma LEE, NGUYỄN Kim Hong
Cinematographer|ZHAN Hao-zhung, Elvis LU, ZHANG Zhi-lung, WANG He-lou, XIAO Li-jun
Editor|TSAI Hsuan-kang
Music|SHIH Min-chieh
Sound Effect|SHIH Min-chieh, HUANG Tsai-en, CHENG Chou
Print Source
Good Light & Shadow Film|Debby WU|


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